This years channel asignments


Nov 12, 2008
Why can’t a series be on the same channel this year? I get that they’re using 175 now for games, but I think it is a little crazy that every day I have to look up what games are where. I’ve only had XM for a bit, so I just remember last year a entire series would be on let’s say 183, and then next series it might be 184 I miss this. Also the Redsox game was rained out last night, and still no word where it is. I feel that we should be told where make up games are going to be. I feel that they have all these pbp channels, so there is no reason for back to back games on them bunching them up. I’m just real concerned about the level at which XM is giving the MLB this year. Has anyone else had any problems? I love it, but just some overall changes this year that I'm not sure is for the better.


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
The guy who did MLB last year was fired. The guy who does the NFL games for Sirius is now doing the scheduling. :)