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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Die_LaMattres, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Die_LaMattres

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    Admittedly, most of my posts here are of a negative nature, but I have to admit that this week's shows were full of energy like the old days, and were interesting overall. Unlike other times when Artie was missing, the show moved forward Monday and Tuesday with strong material, not just filler stuff. Artie's return provided for good content, as well.

    Even Howard's telling disgruntled listeners to cancel was refreshing and honest, even though it could be taken as insulting to some. Maybe they were told by management to step it up, or perhaps they see the writing on the wall, and fear for the future of the company....who knows. It was just refreshing to hear some effort put into the show, and I hope it continues along this path.
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    Who are you and what did you do with Die_LaMattres?
    Refreshing post. I too, enjoyed when Artie was out which is surprising because I usually don't like when he's gone.
    There was a lot of energy this week. I think it had to do with coming back from a 2 week vacation.
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    I'm still just mid-way through Wednesday's show, but so far, I must agree with DLM. Artie is either truly rejuvenated by the so-called "rehab" he attended, or he switched from opiates to amphetamines. He can't shut up during this del Torro interview.
  4. hank-the-dwarf

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    It's because the end is near and they know it lol
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    I enjoyed yesterday's show and I enjoy every show at least to the the extent that Howard, Robin and Artie are riffing. But I didn't find Howard's "fuck you" response to a little fan criticism refreshing. I really don't like it when he acts like he is doing us a favor by coming in and I don't like it when he shows outright contempt for the fans. We are not management... we are not incompetent employees..we not celebrities who don't say hello to him at Knick games.... . we are just fans who only want the show to be the best it can be..
  6. Jgatie

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    Looks like Howard isn't the only one feeling pressure from management. ;)
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    I thought this week's show's were overall weak. Howie Mandel was a good interview, however.
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    I'm speechless.
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    Markz!! First post!! I'm honored (and speechless too).

    Welcome aboard man. :bigthumbup:
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    Thanks! Glad I found you guys. I have some catching up to do.
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    Someone get Tom Taylor to bronze this thread and save it for posterity.
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    I have to say, I enjoyed this weeks shows a lot too.

    Howar saying Fuck you to fans was kind of funny, because you know that he likes the fans, and people complain how howard has gone soft and doesnt tear into people anymore, and doesnt address these issues like he would have in the 'old day's' yet heres a perfect example of old howard ripping someone apart and saying he doesnt give two shits and to go fuck off, and people complain hes too mean now, and that it isnt nice to tell paying customers to go fuck off. But, in another topic, theres people ASKING for this sort of behavoir.

    Howard on the WUS was a nice surprise, and the show in general was fun today.
  16. ProperModulation

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    this weeks shows have been top notch. artie needs to calm down a bit though. if del toro was a comedian, artie would have shown more respect.
  17. TheScionicMan

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    I actually think Artie saved the del Toro interview. He wasn't giving much more than yes and no. It seemed to me that he lightened up and opened up after laughing at Artie's antics.

    I agree with Howard about most of the complaints, but to tell us about your massive dislike for the pressures of FCC controlled FM and at the same time acting like the bubba deal is cool doesn't fit right. All he had to say about that is it sucks but it was all we could do, not its practically better and you're assholes for not being happy about getting less.
  18. Ifandorbut

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  19. GoodDog

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    Add me to the list, it was a very good week.

    I especially liked to hear Howard bash fans for complaining about bubba's deal and hearing Howard spin and spin that bubba's replay show is somehow good for Sirius after years of bashing regular radio as crap on a stick and you guys say boy monkey is a company man. :rofl:
  20. Ifandorbut

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    It was a very good week of shows. I don't recall Howard rushing through segments to get home. Artie(when he was there)was on fire. Fred had some outstanding moments and the richardandsal brigade was kept largely to a minimum...even the sal segment was interrupted by something else happening in the studio.

    His best week of shows this year.........:eek:

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