This Weekend Reminded Me Why I have Sirius


Nov 19, 2008
With all the moaning and groaning over changes to Sirius and frets over its demise I wanted to say a little something positive for a change. Before I start let me just preface all this by saying I have been a big complainer about some of the changes.

This weekend my wife and I took a 4 hour trip in her car which does not have satellite radio. Let me just say I felt like I had been transported back into radio hell. We started out by listening to country music since that seems to be my wife's favorite right now. I like some country but not enough to listen to it for almost 2 hours. I will say that when we take my car, the country station rarely gets turned on because I can find other stations that we both can agree with. That is hard to do with FM radio.

Now listening to regular radio for the 4 hour trip back and forth also made me realize one other reason I hate terrestrial radio, COMMERCIALS!!! Every damn station we listened to would play 3-4 songs then have 5 minutes of commercials. I know they have to make money to survive but I still don't care to hear about the local car dealership, restaurant, bar, etc. It is nice to listen to a station and never have to worry once about hearing some ad. Nothing but music and maybe the occasional DJ banter.

Another thing about regular radio that I don't have to worry about with Sirius is having to change stations because after a bit you lose the FM stations signal and now have to search for a new one. Nope, my Sirius radio is hardwired so I can drive form here to California if I want never having to change stations once unless I decide to do so.

The final thing that made me so glad my car has Sirius is the lack of choices on terrestrial radio. On the drive home I tried finding a rock station I could listen to. Man was this hard. None of the stations were specialized like, Octane, Hair Nation, Boneyard, Classic Vinyl, etc. The regular FM stations would mix many more types of rock together on one station than any Sirius station does. I would get Shinedown or Apocolyptica but then have to deal with U2, The Rolling Stones, Rush etc. Oh and if I wanted to hear anything like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, or 80's hair bands, good luck. The fact Sirius has all types of rock music and splits these different types into their own stations just blow regular FM away.

So the whole trip just reaffirmed my allegiance to Sirius. That is not say I would never get rid of it. Too high a cost for the service and changing all the stations I like to crap could make me get rid of it. But right now as I sit here typing this I wonder what the hell I would do for decent radio stations if Sirius ever goes belly up.
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TSS Taylor

Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
You know the awkward feeling when you are in an elevator with total strangers and the door doesn't close and everything feels like time is going by really slow. Yeah, that's the awkwardness that I get when driving in some rural place with no stations and pressing seek on the FM Dial and just worried about what is going to pop up. Thank God I don't have that horrible feeling anymore.


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Oct 13, 2008
Portland, Or
Satellite is great on road trips. Had the good fortune of having a nice lady with me last weekend, one whose never heard Stern. To watch with glee as she sits there completely glued to the sounds coming out of the speakers, reaffirmed my feelings about the service as well. That and being able to flip on some jazz, or classical music without having to search around for cd's or mp3's for dinner is the tops too.


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Oct 15, 2008
My son and I went to Oklahoma last year to look at a College. Rented a car. The music was just awful. 5 or 6 Radio Stations, all commercials. I hit a button about an hour into the drive and found out the car had XM (this was prior to the merger). The rest of the trip was a joy.


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
I took my 7 year old son ice skating on Saturday evening. They were playing a local hits radio station (certainly not my cup of tea even on Sirius XM). Then they came on with a commercial break. My son listens and turns to me and says "that sounds like a commerical". He was genuanly surprised. In his mind radio should not have commercials. I told him that we had satellite radio and it, unlike regular radio, has no commericals.

The hour we spent on the ice certainly reminds me how much I enjoy satrad.


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Oct 14, 2008
Southern Colorado
I don't know what I would do without mine out here in the country, where you are constantly flipping between stations as the reception is different from mile to mile. trips are a million time better with all the selection. I was happy to see a pro-satrad post today:clap:


Oct 13, 2008
Columbus, OH
I have to agree with you guys. Life would suck if Sirius went under. If they need a few more dollors from me thats fine. I do not want to go back to shitty radio. They put on Bob and Tom here in Columbus. Can you imagine how shitty. All they do is laugh at themselves HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. YES SIRIUS I WILL PAY EXTRA. I have seen the light and I am so glad I have Sirius.


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Oct 18, 2008
All the posts made me nod north and south when I wasn't LOL. Neither of out vehicles are equipped with satellite radios. When we're in the car the radio isn't even turned on. Last time we took a long trip we rented a vehicle with XM and it was fabulous. I listen to my stiletto while at work and it's extra frustrating when it rains because I work out side and naturally the radio doesn't go with my that day. Now I can't live without my Sirius everything.