The responce to the "upity b*tch" comment.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by hank-the-dwarf, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Artie just busted out the c word on her. Yikes.
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    I think Gary's comment on this was quite fitting, the article was just like Wired (the Belushi book) - It's accurate, but it tells all of the bad story with none of the good. I get the feeling this broad didn't like Artie all that much, and it shows in her writing.
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    Perhaps like Richard Lewis she could just see through him.

    Perhaps in the eyes of the Rolling Stone writer, the relevance of Artie's fans/enablers, his stand up routine and his contribution to the Stern Show is outweighed by his desire to be dead?
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    Exactly. Artie's use to having his ass kissed by an unquestioning, ever-accepting Stern fan army. When he has to operate outside that bubble, he can't handle the reality.
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    I thought it was funny that Artie didn't see the compliment when the writer likened him to David Sedaris. Gary also didn't know who that was(another reason why he might need some help in getting guests for the show)and took the line as a bit of an insult.

    Sedaris is hilarious, one of the funniest writers today and he is someone that has a plethora of great stories to tell, he would be ideal on the Stern show, but.....hey, what are you gonna do? Outside the bubble is a big, big world...inside the bubble there's Joan Rivers.
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    While it would suck to see him dead, I don't think anyone can do anything about that but Artie. In the meantime, I'll laugh because he's still funny. Why do people who think that have to be ass kissers? I think the majority of the world doesn't fret over what happens as much as the bunch of us here. Oh, and Pittsburgh Pete, who knows how every listener feels thanks to "forums".
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    The problem is that while Wired didn't relate the good of Belushi, it did tell the story of what killed him.

    Artie and company may complain that the article didn't relate what was good, but if he dies from drugs, the good won't matter. He'll just be another addict that died from drugs, ie. the "story".
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    Hey Now

    Thanks for that article,

    His life is worse then even I imagined.

    When drugs,money & fame fail you whats left ?

    Sobriety, but I don't think he will ever get there.

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