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Oct 11, 2008
Janesville, MN
I haven’t paid for SiriusXM since December 2008.

I don’t even use a radio. I just plug my phone into the stereo in my Jeep or semi, and use the app.
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Oct 11, 2008
I load prepaid cards onto my account so the CC auto monster doesn't sneak 299 plus from my account.

That's what I do for most all my streaming services. Then set a notification on my phone to remind me when the GC balance is about to run out.


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Oct 21, 2008
My current deal:

$6.52 per month... $78.24/year.

I get All-Access on the phone (unlimited data) and I think I get SiriusXM Select in the car radio.

I also got something like my 4th Amazon Dot Echo in a row...but there's more. I gifted the car subscription to someone else. I went to go use the code for the Echo and I realized that:
1) I would have had to pay shipping. The recipient has Prime.

2) It would have shipped to me well after Christmas.

3) Why not let the recipient choose their own color?

I tried to give them the code. It didn't work. Amazon was no help. The very excellent people at SiriusXM corporate care in Nova Scotia (they've been very helpful to me through the years) ended up giving me a new code.

But...then I get a letter... "Hey, we noticed you never used your code."

Holy crap, the original code was made valid. I use it. Somehow, I end up with free shipping.

All-Access on the phone

Select or whatever in the car. (Not all the music channels and I don't think it includes loss there...and I'm not sure about sports content. But there's enough.)

Two dot echos.