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Discussion in 'Windows' started by memebag, Jun 18, 2012.

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    I bet it will be fast, I run metro on my Nokia phone, and it is way more responsive than my iPhone was. They have revamped Windows 8 to be fast and light on resource usage.

    I too am more interested in the Intel based model since it could potentially serve two purposes an ultra-book that runs legacy apps and a tablet. If the price comes in at Android prices, it will be a very big value. I suspect that Intel version will be more expensive than the RT version so that will be a factor.
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    They won't tell us a price (bad sign), but say the Pro will be priced like an ultrabook. That means $1000-$2000, I think.

    Their phone OS is no indicator of Windows 8 speeds. Windows 8 RT is running a full version of Windows behind the Metro interface, all on a tiny ARM processor. People don't realize how slow ARM processors really are because right now they use OSs optimized to hide that. I can't imagine the real Windows kernel on an ARM processor will be a pretty sight, but I could be wrong.
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    What did you think of the keyboard smart cover? It looks pretty neat.
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    Microsoft History:

    Windows 98 = GOOD
    Windows ME = SUCKS
    Windows XP = GOOD
    Windows Vista = SUCKS
    Windows 7 = GOOD
    Windows 8 = ?????? (take a guess!).
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    oh wait, it looks UGLY!

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    What I think of Metro:


    It looks neat, and I love Microsoft keyboards, but we'll wait and see how useful it is. I suspect it's too thin to be useful.
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    The more correct history for me is:
    NT 3.2.1 - Good
    NT 3.5 - Better
    NT 4 - Better
    Windows 2000 - Better
    Windows XP Great
    Windows Vista - Fail
    Windows 7 Great
    Windows 8 - TBD

    I have been an NT user from the beginning, and have used it and subsequent releases for my primary work desktop ever since.
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    Dave Cutler is a genius.
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    2.x, 3.x, and 95 and were good. From 2.0 to 7, I only skipped two and they were ME and Vista.

    8 is ugly if you ask me (somebody else said that too) although I've never seen it in person.
  11. Jon

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    Wonder how the blue screen of death looks on a tablet screen. Guess we'll find out.

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  12. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Saw this on another board. Thought it was funny.

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    My MAC laptop crashes much more often than my windows machines. When it crashes, it gives me the "Frozen Screen of Death". There is no indication of what is wrong other than the keyboard, display and mouse are all frozen and only a hard power off will fix it. At least with the BSOD you had an idea what driver may have caused it although I can't remember how many years ago I got a BSOD from windows.
  14. DAB

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    Surface, what a yucky MS like name.

    MS will likely over price this, but if they do it right price wise, they will likely fail at marketing it. MS sucks at marketing always has.

    Personally I hope its a total success as Apple needs stiff competition to keep them pushing forward.

    Our move to Apple at the office is now complete. To take exception of Manco's post, our IT guy is feeling very lonely these days compared to when we were running windows machines.

    OS X isn't perfect and it will from time to time screw up. However, by comparison to Windows... not even close to screwing up as much. Hell my Mac's at home I reboot about ever 6 months or so and only because an update usually requires it. Try that with a Windows machine and good luck!

    Window's BSOD most of the time is in code and unless you know those codes, you are shit out of luck knowing what the problem is.

    By the way Ballmer creeps me out! LOL
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    I think Surface is one of the best product names they have come up with and won't be the cause of any marketing problems. I do agree though that at Marketing they aren't very good, although the first web ad was pretty cool.

    I'm around people with Mac's all day, and there are the 1 in 5 people that may use a windows machine. Funny the Mac people are always struggling to get overhead projectors to do the right thing when they just seem to work with the Windows 7 boxes. Maybe they don't know what they are doing, but these are really smart people.

    Those constant itunes/safari etc updates are really annoying though aren't they?

    If there is a BSOD, the next time you boot it will go check for what the problem was and generally let you know which driver caused it. I managed IT for 3 years, BSOD's were almost non existent with Windows 7 to the point of not even top of mind issue. The only issue I had with Windows machines were people dropping them, getting infected with a virus, or the occasional flakey from the factory machine. Mac hardware is the best thing they have going for them, the OS is not easier to use for many. I am typing this on a Mac running Windows within Fusion so I am fairly fluent in both.
  19. DAB

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    Analyst thus far don't give this thing much of a chance, but we'll see.

    We'll have to agree to disagree, that name royally sucks the big one! Agree that it won't cause any naming issues, but YUCK!

    Strange, I am around Mac people all day long too and I've never seen any of them have those kind of issues. By the same token we have visitors that bring windows machines to the office and they always seem to have problem connecting to our network printers, scanners and projectors when doing presentations. I don't think it has anything to do with how smart someone is honestly. Just lack of prep work.

    I've gone to other offices where they are still using Windows machines and my Mac always connects to their networks, finds their network printers sets them up and I've never had a projector not connect and work.

    Windows has improved in terms of making some drivers available from windows update during the plug n play install, but often times drivers aren't available for commercial printers/copies/scanners and then you must go to their web site to download them. By now someone has whipped out a Mac plugged it in and we are on to the presentation. LOL I will tell you there is some prep work that endusers can do to install a larger set of drivers on their Mac's. I always do that cause I never know where I am going to be presenting and what equipment I may encounter. So, perhaps that is part of the problem.

    Clearly we won't agree in this area either, but I simply don't, nor have I seen others have major issues getting modem day peripherals to connect and work.

    No, I was much more bother by the daily/weekly windows security updates, constant spyware and antivirus updates, not to mention the adobe updates and java. If only those updates was once a month or every 6 weeks like iTunes and Safari. Let a window machine sit idle for a month and you'll spend your first 30-45 minutes doing updates.

    Oh, if only it would reboot that would be the first step getting the code for the error. LOL

    I managed a company and my overall cost to keep windows machines in the work environment was very expensive by comparison to Mac's. Though I admit we are in early stages of that, but I did my homework. I talked to several companies about my size that once used Windows Machines and now uses Mac's. They all told me the same thing reduction in overall cost. My IT guys stayed very busy most days. BSOD's is only one small part of the issues with Windows based machines unfortunately. We've had windows machines constant infected even though we have commercial grade protection. We've had USB ports quit working for no reason at all, we've had networks issues, I could go on and on. But these are business class machines that one day they work fine, you shut them off, come back the next morning and no network, or the network printer doesn't work. It isn't hardware, its always, always an Windows issues.

    I will say there are some work environments where Mac's just won't work because perhaps they have situations that are unique. We had this issue up until this past year, when our contracting agent within the state only allow connectivity to their system via windows machines running active x. They finally did away with that because for them it was problematic and we were happy, cause now we could make the switch to Mac.

    Windows still controls a huge share of the market, but PC sales have been pretty flat while Mac sales have been off the charts. Folks are finally seeing the light!
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    I only have one coworker that uses a Mac and he has issues with a lot of our programs. It has more to do with SAP than anything else. (Oddly SAP is starting to skip Macs when pushing out their new GUIs but Macs can still use the zero-footprint GUI).

    I agree about the drivers for commercial printers. It drives me nuts every time I go to a new site. I have never had to download a driver thought. Instead I pick a driver that is close in number or a printer that has the same features. It has never failed me but it is quite annoying.

    One coworker does use a hackintosh and has no issues with hardware or networks. The only issues any body has with networks is the poor infrastructure, Mac or Windows.

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