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Discussion in 'SiriusXM News & Talk' started by Araxen, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Araxen

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    I've been listening to the show again over the last few months and man the on demand episodes are really spotty. Sometimes they have the first hour of the show and then the rest of the show is just repeats of old shows. Why do they do this with the on demand? The only time I get to listen to the show is in the mornings and it really sucks to have to miss out on the show especially when Kevin Meaney is in the studio.
  2. hyson

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    I think it comes down to caring about making sure it's up to date.

    The Free Beer and Hot Wings show randomly posts shows on IHeartRadio. So sporadic that I finally stopped listening. However, there's another awesome show that's ALWAYS on the next day but the host really cares about the show.

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