Thank god for Jason Ellis


Oct 13, 2008
Columbus, OH
I'm not trying to start an I hate Howard vacation thread. So please don't think that. I just hated that there was no live Howard for two weeks and then Bubba was off last Friday and all this week. No live Bubba on Friday for two weeks. That just sucks. Like the thread says..... Thank god for Jason Ellis. I was in need of some live stuff and he provided that. I would have went crazy if it wasn't for Ellis and Rivals radio. I know the History of Howard was on again, but I already listened during Christmas. Ok I just had to say that and now I feel better. :heat:


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Oct 21, 2008
A two hour Best Of block on Saturdays.

But it's "not necessarily the best of", right? I guess that's one of those things "It's what we thought was the best of, but your opinion may vary" type thing.

I guess an XM radio would be a better deal for an Ellis fan. You'd get Faction and the Virus as part of your regular package. Funny how that works out. I wonder how many times he mentions XM vs how many times he mentions Sirius.