Terrible reception in St. Louis on Starmate 5


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May 5, 2009
St. Charles, MO
I just had a Starmate 5 installed by Best Buy about a week ago. I've tried not only the frequency they had it on (88.5) but five other FM frequencies that the Sirius website suggested based on my zip code, but I'm still not happy with the static. I thought my FM modulator was supposed to help that problem; is there anything I can do on my end? I'd be interested in knowing what frequencies others in St. Louis are using. Up until I had the Starmate installed, I had a Sanyo that I kept on 88.1 and never had static.
Oct 10, 2008
If you do have the FM modulator I am surprised it isn't working right for you. Was this the same one you had for your old Sanyo? Did they have to install a new one? If so i am wondering if it was installed properly. In the end FM mod's aren't the best sound quality anyway. It may be wise to upgrade to an auxiliary input adapter. They can be used w/ anything that has a headphone jack. That way you can also use it for MP3 players and such.