Teresa must really hate Dale Jr.

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by Dave_Perry, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Dave_Perry

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    So to make me understand this, Teresa Earnhardt would rather merge with a team that does not have much success and does not have sponsors or drivers ready for 2009. What was her other option? It was to let Dale Jr, take 51 percent of the DEI team, even in tough times Dale Jr can not only pull sponsors but probably could have signed Tony Stewart before his his big decision. Dale would for sure have had a 4 car team, with full seasons of sponsors and great drivers.

    Boy oh Boy, i guess Teresa is happy living off the money her dead husband's money that he gave his life for. I guess she was not into the racing side of life as much as she portrayed. Bitterness will sure be her early exit to heaven if she even gets that far/.
  2. Well look at this Chipster needs help, Teresa needs help, cute couple!!! Tessa (Chipsters daughter) could get an evil stepmom for Christmas!!!
  3. foyt

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    Puhleeeeze! Can we not beat this dead horse again? I think it died a long death a year ago.:eek:
  4. Foyt. Take a chill, I was so not referring to Jr., I was making a joke at Ganassi's expense. Maybe he could coax Ralf Schumacher to drive for him!!
  5. foyt

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    I was referring to this thread as a whole. Apparently you did not migrate over from the old board. This horse is long dead and gone, and was buried many times on Sirius 128 a year ago.
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  6. Andrew8468

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    Maybe you should read Jayski. It's a done deal. Earnhardt Ganassi Racing.

  7. KSfarmgirl

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    I hope TMD (and the entire channel for that matter) are ready, the nation will be in full hot mode. I wish they would chill because the issues with DEI are not all about Junior anymore.

    He's happy working for Mr. H...let it go.

    Bagman, Poole and Moody...you better have the hickory stick polished because the horse will take a beating tomorrow!

  8. Easy Money

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    Why would you go to the trouble to participate in a thread if you dont like the topic? This topic will never completely die. The evil step mom screwed up and she knows it.
  9. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    They better stick with Chevy. (but what if they went with Toyota? ;) )
  10. Snoozer

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    Jayski is reporting that they will run Chevy.
  11. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    Jeez, how many dodges will be on the track next year?

    Is it gonna end up a bunch of chevy's and toyota's with the odd ford and dodge thrown in?

  12. I 100% agree with you!!!!!

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