Technology behind Howard 101?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by kryptonite, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Edit - Eek! I can't delete! I meant to put this in the Howard forum. Oh well.

    I'm sure someone knows how this works.

    Obviously (as evidenced yesterday and points previous), if Bubba doesn't start right at 3 PM ET, a three hour delay of the news kicks in. If the news ends, and still no Bubba, then I think it continues on a 3 hour delay, which would be a re-air of the live Howard at approximately 3:15 PM.

    Yesterday, the live WUS went long, and the noon news started approximately 8 minutes behind schedule. This was translated over to 101, when Bubba (or someone else) waited (or had technical issues or confusion) for the delay of the WUS to end, before starting the Jimi intro at a few minutes after 3 PM ET. -- This obviously lead to a shorter BTLS show, which apparently caused more problems on down the line...

    I was listening to H101 at approximately 4:45 AM ET and Bubba ended ahead of schedule. At that point, we had the full Voodoo Child (usually played Tuesday - Friday approx 4:56 AM to 5 AM ET) followed by a promo for History of Howard Stern, then some other stuff when Ferrall's replay kicked in at 5 AM ET.

    Just a few minutes ago, the Ferrall replay ended, and we had the usual start of the West Coast Feed.

    I'm starting to think that 101 is almost a carbon copy of 100, but some technology exists, where the delay can be "overridden", at least during the week.

    So is the bottom line that the west coast feed of the WUS needs to end right at 3 PM ET or else we get a bit of chaos?
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    I think they usually just cut right in with Bubbas show, whether the WUS is finished or not. Bubba did start a little late on Wednesday but he explained it was because there was a rifted between Howard and Ralph. It was Bubbas decision to let the WUS play out and for him to start the show late.
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    Interesting situation today.

    The overnight/early morning Ferrall replay ended. They did the "Shoot To Thrill" like they usually do, then we heard the "As the sun rises in the west" bit. It ended and we ended up hearing a bit (about 30 secs) of yesterday's Wrap-Up Show before the West Coast Feed started.

    The more I hear the sloppy engineering, the more I think the original material on H101 is overlaid on top of H100, or a 3-hour delay thereof.

    Remember, it was originally the same audio on both channels. On 1-9-06, the heartbeat on 101 ended three hours later than on 100.
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    I just emailed someone who may be able to help, since you jabronies are of no help.

    How are those Cliff Notes? :p

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