Superbowl Ads 2009

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Oct 15, 2008
Southern California
Super Bowl Ads: 2009 - SPIKE

So what do everyone thinks about the commercials?

I was able to find those 3D glasses at the last minute after going to 7 different places.

I checked the 3D ads and I think it was very good. I know a few people feel it's not any good and they wasn't able to see it in 3D with glasses on. I recommend using HDTV or view it with a good quality LCD monitor on the computer. I noticed the 3D glasses is made slightly different from other 3D glasses made for TV viewing. I think these actually works.

The Doritas was very good. I don't know if the actors got paid or not. I actually saw couple of auditions for it though to enter their contest. I didn't bother audition for any of them because I don't know if I will get paid for it or not and if they do, will they actually pay you.

The Star Trek looks pretty interesting.

The Hyundai Genesis actually make you want to buy their cars. I actually heard couple of good reviews for Genesis and Sonata.

I like the Danny's commercial and it turns out it was really is true with no catch. I actually went there at 6 am but it was a long wait so I put my name on the list. I came back about an hour later but they already called my name and they won't serve me anymore so they gave me a coupon for a free breakfast for another. That was cool.

I am going to watch the news tonight because I am sure there going to be problems of what happen today.

I like what Frosted Flakes is doing for the community in helping some communities with baseball fields and soccer fields.

The updated Coca Cola brand managers is very good. I think they could have done it better though.

I think Richard Dean Anderson gain little bit weight in the Pepsi McGrubber commercial.

The Gold4Cash was good. I see Ed McMahon is doing very good now. I don't think MC Hammer is living that type of lifestyle anymore but it's good to see him do another Superbowl commercial.
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