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    Supposed to be an HD forum, so what interesting subchannels do you hear?
    In Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) FL, we hear all the Miami stations plus a couple of the stronger West Palm Beach ones, so here goes in order of dial frequency:

    Classical 24
    Alternate NPR
    New Rock
    Smooth Jazz
    Christian Talk
    Sportstalk Simulcast
    All Eighties Pop
    Deep and Classic Hip Hop
    Hard Country
    NOAA Weather
    Dance Music
    Classic Oldies
    Sportstalk Simulcast
    Musica en Español
    The Sound of The Strip
    Sportstalk Simulcast
    Classic R & B
    News/talk Simulcast
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    I always dig the stations in W Palm when I'm down there in my non-Sirius equipped rental cars.
  3. Jon

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    We used to have a lot of really good sub channels in Denver, now we have 3. :wtf:

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