Stream_On issue....


Oct 13, 2008
Southern Louisiana
Great App BTW. The problem I am having is that now when I select a channel to listen to, in the box on top, the song and artist info will display for a second or two than it will change and say SiriusXM_ID and the time on the top line and ID on the bottom line. Is this happening to anyone else? I am also noticing as I am typing this that the channels are changing without me pressing anything, as described in another thread. Is this issue related?


New Member
Nov 11, 2008
Long Island, NY
Hi there,

I'm actually working on this as we speak. SIRIUS changed the way they are sending song data with the audio. stream_ON gets the channel listings from my website, however, when you are tuned to a channel, stream_ON gets song data directly from the SIRIUS audio stream. They are now sending time codes and some other IDs along with the artist and title. This could be to support the new iPhone app coming soon. As soon as I have corrected the problem, I will release an update. Glad you are enjoying stream_ON!