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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by xyzzy, Dec 19, 2008.

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    I have a G2 and I'm really enjoying Slacker. I would like to buy another for family use and the G1's larger screen & lower cost might just fit the bill. My only hesitation is over the discussions about content allowed for play on the G1 possibly not being as broad as the G2. I'm not interested in saving songs on it, just playing them. I also realize that even the G2 isn't able to play all content that can be played via web due to licensing restrictions. However, if the playable content for the G1 is the same as it is for the G2, I'm very likely to pick one up. Has anyone seen a definitive answer on this?
  2. DAB

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    I asked for clarification on this from a member of support who told me he would look into this and get back with me. This has not happened yet!

    However, there have been those that have clearly said their are artist they get on the G2 they don't get on the G1. These a far and few between from what I gather and it is generally artist that are themselves very protective or their label. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin to name a couple. In my limited test for the G1, which I actually purchased two of them for gifts. I didn't really find any difference when listening to a few different channels that I like. So, if it were me, I wouldn't worry about it and just buy the G1 for your family member.
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    Seems there was a difference between the G1 and G2 in terms of music being available, but the latest firmware 1.6.98 appear to have fixed this and now the G1 and G2 are basically the same.
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    My stations do not seem any different since the update. I have yet to hear Led Zeppelin on the classic rock station or many of the individually selected artists I added to my personally crafted station.

    Did slacker make any official statement regarding the newest G1 firmware update and the artist it would add to the stations?
  5. DAB

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    You need to listen to them for a good bit of time and then refresh them to get the newer music downloaded. When end users start reporting missing artist now playing that is about as official as it gets.

    I don't think Slacker has ever acknowledged there was a difference between the G1 and G2 so I doubt they will say anything official about this now.

    None of the people that I gave them too as gifts didn't have them long enough prior to the update to really notice, but I know the night we did the party with my friends at his house. I did hear some Led and a couple of other artist that many claim were not playing on the G1 as we were listening to the Classic Rock channel.
  6. Many users are reporting the issue to be fixed. So just give it time. Of course be sure in your settings on portable that you in fact have the current firmware numbers.
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    I would suggest you take those stations off of the portable, refresh the portable - and then put them back on and refresh again.

    I recently did a full "recovery" and re-loading of all my stations. I noticed things like previously, when a song off of Dark Side of the Moon would play - it had the original artwork. Post refresh, it has the "stained glass" remastered version of the album. In all likely-hood, I don't think Slacker "pushes" newer versions of albums automatically. I HAD to reload stations to see the latest changes.

    This G1 works soooo much better after that update. It lags less, and the new artists make the stations much more complete. I even bought the leather case for it since I'll be using it more. I know I'll eventually move up to the G2 (and the wife will inherit the G1) but for now I'm good.
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