Stiletto SL100 internal antenna broken - replacement parts?


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Oct 18, 2009
I dropped my Stiletto and it hit near the top of the unit. When I picked it up, I heard something rattling inside and when I put it in my car dock, home dock and tried it in portable mode, it goes to a channel but gets no signal. I can get reception over wi-fi, and the library still works.

Since there was a piece rattling around, I decided to get brave and I took apart the unit. Inside, near the top, stubby part was the loose piece, which had broken away from where it was supposed to sit. I messed with it for a while and got satellite reception back for a few seconds, but lost it again when I re-assembled the unit. What appears to have happened is that this part, which is a small square piece with a solder piece on the bottom, broke free in the drop. I tried all manner of ways to resecure it and get satellite, but nothing would work.

As a curiosity, and I don't know if its been mentioned before, but when you take off the faceplate, the dial and the buttons surrounding it don't work.

I emailed Sirius service to see if they could fix it and they emailed me back and asked that I call them. I called this morning and they said they do not do ANY repairs to the units except for software upgrades. They suggested I try the web for replacement parts or repairs.

I searched for quite a while to find a replacement part with no luck. Also, I found no one to service it either. Anyone know where I could get the part(s) or point me in the direction of a service place?


TSS Taylor

Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
Getting an internal part on something like a SIRIUS XM radio is impossible. And by what I mean with that is their is no source for the internal parts to be purchased separate since SIRIUS XM wouldn't want people tinkering with fixing them. Although some may be able to do that.

We have some broken Stiletto 100s and you are welcome to purchase one of those at a really low cost but there are no guarantee on anything because of what you are doing with it.