Stiletto 2 Randomly Erases Recordings

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by mynameisharper, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. mynameisharper

    mynameisharper New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you can help out a customer of ours.

    The Product

    He has a Stiletto 2 which has been updated normally and then with a hard reset.

    The problem.

    His Stiletto 2 will record for a few days and then randomly clear the hard drive. It'll also freeze up on him at random intervals, as well as clear real time content when he hits the pause button (not every time).

    Has anyone heard of anything like this and if so, what was the solution?

    Thanks a ton!
  2. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    This is a well-documented memory bug that plagues all of us.

    The answer...Sirius needs to admit there's a major flaw and fix it with a firmware update.

    Until then, hang in there. Personally my SL2 is going back to BB [extended warranty] the minute the new generation Stiletto comes out.
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  3. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    This does sound like the memory corruption bug. A device recovery will restore it until it happens again. I have had it a couple of times and it has gone away as fast as it showed up.

    Some things I have found that have triggered bad things for me is doing a shutdown while in the Library (SD card or internal memory doesn't matter). It has triggered corruption each time I have done it. I would also not recommend replays be turned on.
  4. mynameisharper

    mynameisharper New Member

    Thanks guys for your help here. Yeah I think you're both right. I'm actually swapping the guy out for a new one so I can play around with the defective one here at the shop.
  5. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Do you guys have any connections at Sirius where you could press them on this issue? This has been around since the devices came on the market. Are they even working on fixes for this or do they consider it 'done'?
  6. North_of_Calgary

    North_of_Calgary New Member

    Lost ALL recordings

    This happened to me this week. I'm really frustrated. I just got the SL2 a month ago as my 2 year old SL100 is having issues of it's own (a different rant).

    For the last 3 weeks I've been recording Stern M-Th in the home dock using a timer. After working fine for two weeks of timers:

    • Radio Replays are and always have been disabled
    • I had two long recordings and about 6 loved songs
    • No SD Card and no MP3s
    • Memory only 6% used
    • Tuesday night's recording doesn't fire
    • Figured it's been 3 weeks so I'll try a full shutdown/startup prior to recording on Wednesday
    • Wednesday records but erases 2 loved songs, the oldest Stern and the newest (Monday's)
    • Last night (Thursday) I put it in for the regular timer and this morning I have zero recordings left! :mad:

    So for me, it erased some random recordings two nights ago and everything (or whatever was left) last night :mad: I thought this bug only erased some recordings and not everything. I also think my situation might be a little stranger since it happened two nights in a row.

    What other recommendations do people have to minimize the chance of being hit by this bug - we should have a checklist? Do I need to go through a full device recovery everytime or is a reset for the menu good enough? Or maybe nothing since I have nothing on the file system anymore?

    Arrrrrgggggg.... this is really anoying since I haven't done much with it and it's only a month old. I'm not holding my breath for this to ever be fixed by Sirius. Instead I just have to learn habbits and techniques to minimize my chances of being hit.

  7. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Are you on the latest firmware? Although the bug is still present, the earlier version of this bug tended to wipe loved songs more.

    Also, once you have a recording fail to work, you need to go in and edit the recording. Change the start date to the next date you want to record and resave. Otherwise it will tend to never have that particular recording record again.

    And good to see you made the jump over here.
  8. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    I don't want to jinx myself. . . . . but. . . .

    I haven't run any of the updates on my SL2. I've been paranoid that they don't help with the problem and may make it worse. Again, not to jinx myself. . . but I haven't had any problems with my radio.

    I also don't record any programs either. My replays are on, and I do "love" songs.

    My SL100 started to have issues after I recorded a couple of programs.

    I bites that we can't use all of the features these radios are supposed to offer. . . .
  9. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well if you aren't doing scheduled recordings then you won't have this issue. This issue only occurs for those that are doing scheduled recordings.

    Right now I do scheduled recordings, replays are on and I have a dozen or so "LOVED" songs. But what I have found is that by keeping my scheduled recordings set to only keep one or two copies that my memory stays around 35 to 40% and thus far I've not lost any recordings schedule or otherwise and I have many hours of replays.

    It has actually been 4 or 5 months since I've had any problems. But again it requires that you not make full use of all the memory and this is something the SHOULD fix.
  10. North_of_Calgary

    North_of_Calgary New Member

    Yes, I had updated mine to the latest firmware right away when I first got it.

    So what's the list of "best practices" to minimize our chance of being hit by this:

    1. Turn replays off
    2. Don't do a full shutdown while playing something from the library
    3. ???

    It's pretty sad that we're in this state with these devices. I mean having to take precautions like this and never really having confidence that the shows we recorded will stick around. All due to SW bugs

    But it's not just the SL2, I'm having a whole slew of SW related bugs with technology:

    • My HTC PCC-6800 phone can't answer 50% of the incoming calls unless I've just soft-reseted it.
    • My Echostar PVR sometimes misses it's timers.
    • The iPod 4G with Nike+ seems to crash every time you set a personal milestone.
    • Oh yeah, my SL100 is in the shop because it can't lock in on the sat signal anymore as it thinks it's replaying from the library.
    • Not to mention the Vista bugs that effect my personal PCs and the XP ones on my work computer. Vista crashed my Simply Accounting three times this afternoon while getting month end invoices off! (Yes, ironically I'm an I.T. geek!)
    Sorry for the vent. Just frustrated that this is the state of SW these days. I'm building a collection of buggy gadgets here.
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  11. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Thats what I do and do a shutdown once a week. Also don't schedule a recording on a night when you know they will be doing a channel update (Nov 12th).
  12. no1hedberg

    no1hedberg Member

    I read a post somewhere that one of the triggers is to modify, or add recordings while a scheduled recording is taking place. I record Stern from 6-12 monday-friday and save 10 shows. I also record nhl live mon-fri. 12-2, and keep 3 shows. Radio replays are off. I restart whenever I feel the radio is getting sluggish(unless its recording). ***knock on wood*** I havent had to do a reset since.
  13. Hi everyone.
    Thanks for all the useful information.
    Well, after following the advice here and previously at SBS, I had a very stable Sl2 unit for over six months.
    now I have it all. Deleted programs and recordings that just self-delete.
    Clearly the newly merged company has it's hands full trying to address many things, but unless they hear from us as a CLASS ACTION, they will just let the problem go away without addressing anything. Is there anyone who knows how we can address this as a group so they will feel obligated to fix it?
    We bought their premium radio, with the idea it would function as advertised.
  14. PWbandit

    PWbandit New Member


    I agree - CLASS Action! My S2 has been jacked since November 2008! :bigahh:

    I thought it was either the Sattelite upgrade/merge with XM, FW update related issues, or licensing liability that were causing me to not be able to record songs...but this last week threw me for a real loop!

    I record Vonyc Session on Area (38) weekly, and had it set to keep the last three shows. I have had it set up this way since I got the unit, i think it was June of last year. I am sure I had alot of songs recorded in those 9 months, but it was not doing anything strange - except not letting me record every song...possibly due to block programming - since XM merger.

    Last thursday I check it to make sure it was recording Vonyc and left it alone. 15 minutes after the program was finished I came by to unhook it and go mobile - i noticed it still said "Vonyc sessions" - which should have ended already. he dam thing was frozen. So i had to remove the battery to get it back up and running - only to find I had NO recorded programs, and only 4 recorded songs. Two from that day, and two from a day previous??!! Friday, I turn on the unit, and discover that it has further deleted ALL songs! I have notthing - no radio replays, no recorded songs, but only 12 - 15 songs uploaded from my PC.


    Thanks for your time.
  15. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    You need to do a device recovery and start fresh. Unfortunatly, this is a fact of life with this unit until Sirius decides to actually fix the problem.
  16. PWbandit

    PWbandit New Member

    Thanks! I guess i will do so when I get home - no dock at work...:(
  17. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Hook it to your PC directly ... do not use the dock. It will not work correctly with the dock.
  18. PWbandit

    PWbandit New Member

    >???> S2 has no USB port without the there another cord i never took outta the box?

  19. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    With the SL2 there is a cable that hooks the SL2 to the PC.

    Stiletto USB Cable

    It looks like that.
  20. Deniver

    Deniver New Member

    Wow it's great to know I'm not alone in this issue. Sirius has already exchanged my unit for this issue and the new one is doing the same thing. i was starting to think it may be something on my end. I work 2nd shift and rely on recording to make things not so quiet and boring all evening. It's a huge let down to get to work only to discover that all my recordings are gone. I'll keep an eye on this thread for any news of a fix.

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