Stiletto 2 Error to recover from.


Nov 15, 2008
I got then following error when I put my beloved Stilletto 2 in it’s charger:


To recover, connect to a PC via USB
(you may need to run the install CD)​

Since I have no clue where the appropriate USB cord or install CD is here in my home
what do you experts suggest as an alternative to get it up and running again?

Taking the battery out and replacing it did not help.

Might TSS have the appropriate cord and CD to get my SD going again?

Once I get the cord do I just run this recovery program found here:
SIRIUS Device Recovery for Stiletto products (SL2, SL100 and SL10)

Or do I still need the install Cd as well?



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Oct 11, 2008
Anytown, WI
No CD required. That software is all you need, as long as you have either the cord that plugs directly into the SL2, or if you have the home dock, I believe any old mini USB cord will work just fine. From what I remember, anyway. So, hopefully, you can just find a regular USB cable, and download that software, and be on your way. This is usually an easy process once you have everything you need. Please, update us on the progress!


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Mar 12, 2013
Stiletto 2 recovery error fix

i had same issue with stiletto 2 not recovering. Try downloading S50 software Version 1.0.2 and itll ask you to reboot computer and your stiletto 2 will automatically recover. as far as drivers it still won't read on my siruis studio. Hope this helps. :bigthumbup:


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Oct 14, 2008
It is fixed. an old XP laptop was dropped off. It didn't have a power cord. We got a plug to charge it. The display would Not light up. But if you hold up a flashlight you could almost see it. fixed my stiletto. I am keeping that old XP in case my Stiletto breaks again.
I am happy it is fixed before Howard returns from vacation. Until then, I listened to the new Bush cd.
And a Happy New Year to all.
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Oct 18, 2008
We contacted TSS & you have to use a windows XP pc. So, we are asking around... The tough part is finding an XP Pc.
Glad to hear you got things fixed. TSS has a PC with XP just for that purpose. I tried to fix mine with a virtual copy of XP via Windows 7 professional and MSS loaded, but my SL2 has additional issues Droo is trying to rectify.


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Oct 18, 2008
I wonder what prompts a receiver to get this message. I've owned SL2's for many years and my current one just had this occur.

I sent it to TSS Richard (for the second time) for a software re-install. The previous one was two months ago. Since I bought the receiver in 2010 it might be nearing the end.

As akways the app through my phone is a nice alternative. Recording block of what and when I want content still rules.