Stiletto 100 upgrade to iPod Touch?


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Dec 23, 2009
Hey all -

I was hoping for a recommendation from you all. Here is my current situation:

-Have had a Stiletto 100 for 2 years. The headphone jack is hanging on by a thread and i have to hold it at a funky angle in to get sound (out of one headphone)

-Typically, I dock the thing @ home, have it record Howard starting @ 6am every morning, walk into work with it, listen to the whole show on my way into and @ work via my library of recordings

-Also have a car dock...on road trips I will often listen to live stations on Sirius, but that is really the only time I will 'channel surf' (sometimes @ home too I will put on one of the music stations)

-As my Stiletto 100 is hanging on by a thread (I have the battery taped on after dropping it), and it won't hold a charge for more than 20 minutes, I needed a new device

-Just ordered a Stiletto 2 via Amazon, complete with new car and home dock.

-Now that I am researching pocket tunes, I feel like I am better off just returning the Stiletto 2, buying a iPod touch, and the pocket tunes app for my walk into work and @ work, with some utility in the car via a Monster cable/FM modulator. (I would love to simply buy an iPhone, but my company only pays for Blackberries...its annoying)

-I could theoretically hang on to my Stiletto 100 for live listening on road trips, as the car kit doesn't require battery use

-I have read so many horror stories about the Stiletto 2, and have clearly had my own issues with the Stiletto 100

-Also I am a lifetime subscriber which I do not believe includes the 128bit premium online subscription.

Any thoughts on using Pocket Tunes in the same way I (try to) use my Stiletto 100?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...hope everyone has a great holiday!


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Oct 9, 2008
I had a Stiletto 2 and while many others are okay with dealing with the work arounds I simply was not. I eventually sold it on Ebay and then got a Delphi XpressRC, which is a great PNP. However, when the Skydock was released I eventually just started using my iPod Touch and/or iPhone 3GS as I am blessed to have both. AT&T's coverage in my area just reached an acceptable level along with them adding 3G. Prior to that I was using my RAZR 2 for phone calls and my iPod Touch for everything else.

Everyone has varous opinions on this, but here is mine. I find that with the iPod Touch I am not just limited to sat radio. Yes, I can stream it, I can dock it in my Skydock and get it live. However, I can also listen to Slacker, Pandora or anything else I want including my own music. Let me just say I don't record very much. While Pocket Tunes records there is no option for scheduled recordings, so it would have to manually be done each day. You can't do anything else with the device while it is recording except browse the web with their web based browser built into Pocket Tunes. Recording works well! It has been reported that Pocket tunes may provide scheduled recording at some point, but who know when that maybe. You will need a wifi connection of course.

Since you are a liftime subscriber you would have to get the 128kb premium for it work on the iPod Touch.

Bottom line if you are looking for portablity to listen to sat radio live and do scheduled recordings you'll be better off with the SL100 or SL2. Though the SL2 does have its problems that many folks lose their recordings.

You also have a third option which would be to get Replay AV which would record Stern via your computer and copy it to your iTunes library where you can then just copy it to your iPod Touch and listen to it at your convenience. Heck if you set it right it even remembers where it left off playing. This is what I did for a long time I much prefer this option to Pocket Tunes or Stiletto recording.