Stiletto 10 Baseband Question


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Apr 15, 2009
As with nearly everyone else on this board, I have joined in hopes that you guys can help me fix my dang radio.

I just recently tried to install the latest upgrades for my Stiletto 10. (my mistake!). My radio was working fine, I had just finally decided to check out the MSS and once I hooked it up, it decided it wanted to have the latest and greatest. The upgrade seemed to install correctly - no error messages.

So, now I have the latest upgrades and my radio stopped working. It will turn on, play for a minute or two, freeze, shutdown and restart. Tech support has been no help and they basically believe that it is a mechanical error with the unit. I wouldn't have thought that because the problem all started when I installed the upgrades. I think that the upgrade was not complete or something, but I have not found a way to try to re-install or un-install the upgrades.

One thing I noticed is that my baseband does not match what the tech bulletin says it should be. Anyone know if that might be the source of error? How can I fix it?

Yes, I have done device recovery and the restore/erase a number of times.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!