start the taunting now. where is wimbledon this year?


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Jun 21, 2009
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i know that it's funny to imagine, but bbcradio's tennis coverage is legendary worldwide. its truly an art. it takes a deft tongue and a deep knowledge of the game to call even 50-60% of every ball struck in a match. they had us listen to it to learn fast-call announcer-to announcer banter in my sports journalism studies at the University of Oregon.

if yr a tennis by play is great if yr driving, or like me, doing something other than spending 7 hrs a day stuck to the tube watching tennis during a grand slam. i know that in 2006 (edit- or was it '05?)sirius had a 4 yr contract with wimbledon (and this would be the 5th year) (another edit-my math is wrong, i know)but only a few weeks ago was tennis listed as an- 'other' sport on their website.
SOCCER FANS- a sizable amount of the football/soccer coverage on sirius comes from the bbc.

thinking of that the bbc radio station- '5live' is the national sport feed in the uk.

id pay 5 dollars more a month for access to BOTH of bbc's audio sports channels which are VERY difficult to access when geo blocked when things like...oh...wimbledon is playing.

just a thought from a newbie in yr community.

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Oct 10, 2008
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djebel, Welcome to DRC!

I remember them broadcasting Wimbledon in recent years, but like you, I see no mention of this years tournament any where on the Sirius or XM websites. It's not looking like we'll get any coverage on the radio this year. :idunno:


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Jun 21, 2009
bucolic lancaster county, pa
not so bummed

BECAUSE the wimbledon website has three live feeds all jumping from court to court, british as hell.

i just wont be able to listen in on my tivoli set in my home. believe it or not, i dedicate what little driving i do to listening to cd's i actually STILL purchase, oddly enough (currently spinning in my subaru, solely is mandy moore's new album 'Amanda Leigh.' an admission as cringeworthy as loving tennis on the radio).

(btw- its great. marrying mr ryan adams has done more to change moore than any could imagine. an independent label and all that goes a with fully transformed tall beautiful former teen idol's hubris IS included.)

for even the mildly curious to the willfully adventurous i HIGHLY recommend those feeds at wimbledon's site ~(wimbledon)(dot)org.

think of the speed at which tennis is played and how mesmerizing those who are unbelievably smooth pro's at all manner of banter might be. the uk's summer sport championships season started with the F1 race yesterday. dont miss out. the open- THE homeland of the game's golf championship starts july 16 thru the 18th.

thanks for the welcome and reply. i hope to be an active member here as i spend hours a day listening to the same digital streams we all collectively immerse ourselves in.

and, finally its good to know that we have a resident sport's authority, aaron!



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Oct 16, 2008
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I've really gotten into Wimbledon this year and was really annoyed NOT to find it on Sirius. I thought for sure that they would have something, especially with the BBC channels but NOPE---no Wimbledon. I have never heard LIVE tennis on the radio and would have looked forward to it.

I have a tv in my home office that I don't think I've ever turned on but it has been on constantly this week.


So now I'm going to have to avoid all media until 1pm tomorrow????