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Discussion in 'SIR & XMRO Internet Radio' started by DAB, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Here is a download to the StarPlayr for Windows, this is still in Alpha Testing from what I understand.

    Download/Install StarPlayr for Windows


    You can also discuss your experiences with this player in this thread as well.

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  2. I tried it and prefer stream on for several reasons:
    1. stream on has the artist/song alert

    I can't remember the other reasons but I'll try both tomorrow and get better notes:)
  3. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Seems that I remember many people having on and off problems with Stream On. However to be totally fair, I've never used it. I like StarPlayr because of the cool interface and the ability to show the nice channels icons for the presets. I also appreciate the developers as they are staying on top of making any changes and fixes almost immediately when needed.

    StarPlayr will be adding the artist/song alert feature eventually, after all this is still in an alpha version, but thus far has been very stable.

    But it is good that we have a choice that meets our particular needs. I look foward to your comparison with the Stream On software since I've never personally used it. Honestly most of my streaming is done via my Stiletto SL2. :)
  4. MM

    MM Administrator

    There is also Starplayr for us Mac users. It is great and I recommend it to all. You can record and send your recording directly to iTunes.
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  5. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    The windows version doesn't allow for recording. But then I use Replay AV for recording anyway, which automatically copies them into iTunes.
  6. Davis

    Davis Member

    The only bad thing about StarPlayr is that it prompts for an update before it plays, on startup. I was using it as my alarm until I found that out the hard way. Thank God I work from home so I was the only person to know that I slept in.
  7. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Maybe we could suggest to them to disable the auto-update feature. Dave with Geeks seems to try his best when people make request.

    I am going to invite Dave to start posting here once we get up and running fully.
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  8. Davis

    Davis Member

    Yes, he does seem very good about requests. I just never really thought about it until I saw this thread. You can tell that he is passionate about his work.
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  9. I didn't do my homework today :eek: but I am very much looking forward to the updates for the windows version. I've turned several people on to the Mac version and they love it.
  10. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    Thank you for turning me the Starplayer. You and MM told me about it a lot. I love it. I don't use the recording feature much because Docking and recordning on my Stiletto 2 is just more my deal.
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  11. Davis

    Davis Member

    Wait, you can record with it? I haven't used it for a while because of the lack of pausing function.
  12. GeeksToolBox

    GeeksToolBox Member

    Hello all :)

    This forums is much faster than the other one :)

    The Mac version can record for now. That feature *may* eventually be removed.

    Also... FYI

    StarPlayr for Windows and StreamSmart will be down from 10P EST to Noon EST Sunday to move our server to a new data center.

    We'll keep the down time as minimal as possible.
  13. Davis

    Davis Member

    Oh, so you can record in the Mac version but not the Windows?
  14. Goodtime

    Goodtime Member

    Thank you

    Hello. Nice thread here!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Goodtime from NiceMac/, creator of StarPlayr2 for Mac. Thank you for the comments and comparisons.

    Dave has done a great job on StarPlayr for Windows. It is its early stages. We are working on several features for it. But so far it has been a great player and it's the only one to date that has XM and Sirius under one roof.

    The Mac version is being redesigned both on the surface and underneath. We are moving away from AppleScript Studio to Cocoa/Objective-C.


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  15. GeeksToolBox

    GeeksToolBox Member


    The Mac version has it built in. You can record form the Windows version, but you have to use some third party applications to do the actual recording.

    To be honest... our expertise is in the multi-platform content delivery area and there are many great recording applications out there that do a much better job than we could. They have spent as much time learning all about recording as we have about our product.

    I use the Mac version too (I do my windows development on a MacBook Pro under VMWare Fusion 2) and it is an awesome client. I am in awe of what GoodTime has been able to accomplish using a scripting language like Apple Script.
  16. Davis

    Davis Member

    I understand GTB. I was looking for for a pause functionality but I realize that it a different area of programming. I develop for SAP (I also certify networks) so I understand the disconnect.

    One suggestion/request. Is there a way to turn off the automatic updates? The issue is that I (I am sure others too) used to use it as an alarm. However, if an update is available it won't play as it is waiting for you you to respond to the update request. I haven't used it since I realized that.
  17. GeeksToolBox

    GeeksToolBox Member

    I can look into it... but at this time the answer is no. I am using Microsoft ClickOnce for deployment and updates so it is actually part of the BootStrap.
  18. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    I think it's so cool you guys are here to join us and help with this. I know I love my Starplayr for my MacBook.
  19. GeeksToolBox

    GeeksToolBox Member

    We appreciate being invited!

    I am actually coding a Server and Client side update right now to enable the Best of and al-a-carte channels for both Sirius and XM.

    I was hoping to have it done for tomorrow... but with the datacenter move there may not be enough test time on it.

    I don't want to break the ability to use your basic subscription by rushing out a release.
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  20. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Goodtime and Dave, I am glad you guys got my invite. We appreciate you being here to support the Starplayr. I too have been using the Starplayr since Dave told us about it. I love this software.

    I think many are also looking forward to an iPhone/iPod Touch release as well.

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