Starmate 4 Overheating/Acquiring Signal


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Mar 12, 2009
Winnipeg, MB
Got a Starmate 4 a couple of years ago. Over the last 1/2 year or so, it seems like my receiver is overheating and i get the acquiring signal message. In my previous car and work truck, i had my receiver placed on my windshield. I live in Winnipeg and due to it being so freaking cold during the winter, i have my heat on defrost and i thought this was the cause. I now have the receiver on my console in both my truck and my new megavan and it's still overheating and i'm getting the acquiring signal message. Is it the receiver or just my imagination. Should i call customer service? Thinking about getting a newer model if this keeps happening.


Oct 10, 2008
South Louisiana
This happened to me years ago when I first got an Orbiter. It always worked fine for a few minutes, then got overheated and started with the Acquiring Signal message. I'd have to turn it off for a while to let it cool. I called customer service, and was told to return the unit for a new one. Of course, my unit was new when I placed the call. You said you've had yours for a couple of years... might be time for a new radio.


Mar 1, 2009
Yankton, SD
I had the same thing happen on my Starmate. What I was able to deduce was that I was getting the "Aquiring Signal" due to too much stress on the unit when moving it from the car to home to office, etc.
When putting it on the dock, and bending the Starmate unit very gently towards me, the signal would pick up. As time went on, I would have to do this several times a day...when getting the Aquiring Signal message, I would then hold the Starmate by the top and bend it slightly towards me until I got the signal.
I think this was less from over heating, and more from constantly moving it from place to place.
After 4 months or so, this method stopped working at all, and I was lucky enough to find the same unit in the clearance bin at Wal-mart. Sirius was kind enough to not charge me to transfer service to this new unit.
Hope that helps some.