Starbase FM-SC1 or SC-FM1

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Install Bay' started by Mopar86, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Mopar86

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    I don't want anyone to get confused so I'll just point it out:

    The NEW Starbase FM-SC1 needs an SCC1 Tuner or SCVDOC1 w/dock and play

    The Older Starbase SC-FM1 doesn't need an SCC1

    Other differences:
    The new Starbase does have an AUX-IN to connect an iPod or other device
    The old one does not

    They have different models numbers

    anyone else seen of heard of differences?
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  2. ProperModulation

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    the new one is a lot less bulky than the old one, making for an easier install.

    The new version looks really nice though. I was really tempted to get it so that I could simplify my current Sirius installation. The new version would let me put all the "boxes" up front under my cupholders. The old Starbase stuff as a bit too big for that and I had to run everything to the plastic storage space under my rear seats (2006 Tacoma Doublecab). But I put all that on hold until I found out what the Best-of and ala-carte options would be. Now if I upgrade, I need to decide between the new starbase, and the XM Commander MT (basically the same form factor as the new starbase).
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  3. John Durbin

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    Some other notable differences vs. SCFM1:

    Channel navigation is enhanced: 10 key supporting direct ch input, rotary knob for surfing

    Bigger 5 line display

    You can use the FMSC1 as a stand-alone source - in Preamp mode, the rotary knob becomes the volume control by default but reverts to navigation up/down if you press another tuning-related button first. You don't have to have another HU to use it this way, just an amplifier & speakers.


  4. TSS Taylor

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    John it's so great to have you here for help. Stop by anytime you have the chance.

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