ST2R XTR8 Replay Radio Oscillating Problem RESOLVED with NEW FM5 satellite


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Oct 23, 2009
Here is what I have discovered and its a fix for the ST2R and XTR8 oscillating problem that started last year after the merger. If you point a home antenna DIRECTLY AT THE NEW FM5 satellite the signal oscillation will stop and you will get a nice clean signal with no audio dropouts. Since the FM 5 is a fixed positin satellite at 96 degrees you have to have a straight line of sight. After doing this I have been able to firmware upgrade almost all of my older ST2R radios even the ones that never used to get even the Canadian channels now will after this upgrade. It may take up to 3 firmware updates and once you receive the final update the radio will work properly in all applications regardless if in a home or car setup. Once you get the final update the radio resets to channel 184 and displays 00180002 every time its powered on channel 184. Once you see this the radio will work perfectly regardless of which satellite it is receiving. You have to use trial and error while pointing at the FM5 satellite by power cycling and checking to see if the radio when powered back up goes to sirius updating please wait..................., when you see this you are getting a firmware upgrade. It may take up to as many as 3 times before you get the FINAL 00180002 upgrade which is the final step and it does permanently FIX these older radios. The time it takes to receive these updates seems to be longer until you get to the third and final one. The first 2 updates takes anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to receive and the final one seems to happen in a 8 to 12 hour period or longer. I hope this helps many of you who thought your older radios were either defective or because when you called customer service they told you that they were defective. :bigthumbup: