Sportster 5 Preset Band Mode


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Jan 28, 2009
From reading the instructions I'm pretty sure I already know the answer. Maybe someone can convince me I'll get used to this or knows some trick I haven't figured out.
I just "upgraded" from a Sportster Replay to the Sportster 5. I really like that I've upgraded to Artist Alerts and better sports alerts. But here's my problem. On my old radio I was able to just browse through my presets. On this radio it seems I have to press and hold the band button which brings up my list of presets to scroll through and pick. I liked the old system better because it was a lot easier and eventually after working my way through my presets I found something I liked. I can't be expected to read through my presets while I'm driving can I?
Oct 10, 2008
Welcome to the DRC numbersix! You are correct about this, it isn't as convenient as the older sportster. Unfortunately there really isn't a way around this. Just be super careful when driving and viewing this. That, or do it the old fashion way and push each button individually.


Jan 14, 2009
Having just acquired a Sportster 5 I agree browsing the presets is not as handy compared to my Sportster Replay. On the other hand I find the new method useful for building my S-Seek list. I can scroll up and down the preset list looking for the artist or song I want. I have always found building the S-Seek list an onerous task after buying a new receiver. It is a little easier this way. I listen to a channel with the preset list displayed. Just today I picked up an artist I had been looking for this way.