SP4- Sirius ID blank


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Jun 25, 2009
I had a Sirius account for a vehicle I purchased new which included a built-in Sirius radio. When I purchased another used vehicle, it came with an SP4. The SP4 had a few months left on the previous owner's account. Once the radio no longer worked (subscription ran out), I asked the previous owner to call Sirius and remove this SP4 from his account. He did, then I called Siruis to add this radio to my exiting account. They did. I went home to reinsert the SP4 into the dock and send an activation signal, but all I get is the opening splash screen with the dog. I can hit the menu button and see the menu, but no signal and the Siruis ID is blank. All tech support can do for me is sell me a refurb.

This is BS! The SP4 radio worked (for exactly one year- the subscription length which the previous owner had). Can Siruis send a signal to remove the Siruis ID from the unit, rendering it useless? I hear that some people have this issue, but cannot find where they've come to a resolution.

Any help or leads would be appreciated.



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Oct 11, 2008
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No. Sirius cannot send a signal to remove the id. However, it is a good bet that the radio was/is defective with a defect triggered by the deactivation signal. Since you are out of warrentee, you are likely SOL. You are the proud owner of a brick.

You can go to e-bay or TSS Radio and buy another radio or you can take Sirius up on the refurb although I have heard extremely mixed reviews about the product that Sirius supplies. You would also have to deal with Sirius for all warrentee issues.

Sorry about your radio.