Song from bpm/ the beat/ whatever it is now


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Mar 14, 2009
I was listening to David Guetta's "Baby When the Light" before the merger. I went to various places to purchase the download, and every single one of them is not the one played on bpm. Does anyone know what mix is played?

I am not thrilled with the beat/bpm merger either. It seems like fans from both sides are not happy. I personally liked the beat better (I had both xm and sirius before the merger) probably because it was the 1st satellite radio I had and got used to it. I hope I'm not the only one who despises top 40 remixes:mad: on this station- If I wanted to hear that junk, I would listen to channel 1.

Maybe they also need to add a channel with Euro dance, as I hear very little of that if any at all on the dance channels.


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Oct 14, 2008
I was never really that into the Beat (I guess I prefer older dance pop) but I really barely listen to BPM. I have it on my third page of presets (C-list!). I definitely listen to Chill a lot more often. Good luck with that search (not in a sarcastic way). I hate that Sirius does that....they play obvious remixes but don't point it out! I had that issue with Bananarama's "On the Floor'. Thought it was the original but I was in for a surprise when I bought the album.