Something Wierd Is Happening When I Film Video


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
I am having an issue when I film movies/video on my iPhone6S. It films fine and I can play it back on the iPhone fine. But when I download it to my computer, when I try to open it, QuickTime comes up with some useless message about not having all the components it needs and directs me to a 3rd party (pay) site. It's bad enough I have to endure QuickTime on my computer, I am certainly not forking money over for another component to add to it. Worse yet, it doesn't tell me which component it actually needs. I certainly would not buy all of them. So I hit NO and it puts the video up such that I can see the top left corner and the whole image takes up 90% of the visible screen and considerable imaginary space to the right and below. I am able to scroll the image over to hit the box button and then it comes to a reasonable size. I can then play the video fine.

QuickTime is set to have auto-updates and says it is up to date. Running on a Windows 7 PC. Currently running latest iOS. The upgrade issue seems to be isolated to videos taken on the iPhone6S although the framing issues exists on videos taken with the iPhone5. I don't know if was introduced with a specific iOS update or the new hardware.

Does anybody else have anything close to this issue?