Slacker Spotlight "Jason Rak's Country"

Discussion in 'Slacker Spotlight' started by Jleimer, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Jleimer

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  2. TOM C.

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    Not a fan, songs from all over the place. 1st song was from mid 90s, 2nd song from last year, 3rd song never heard of. 1/5
  3. Jleimer

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    I see , but I kind of like the shuffle mentality of this station 4/5
  4. DAB

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    Well as someone that has created at least 3 country stations, one classic (country music of the '80s and '70s, along with a vintage country ('60s and '50s). Then I have a Country Blend of Classic and Currents, but Vintage seems out of place in that mix. Jason Rak's country is a mix of all the above and even includes Gospel, which really throws a wrench into the mix.

    I tried listening to this channel, but was very quickly turned off after about 2 hours. I mean it goes from one extreme to the other. Just not for me. I prefer my Classic, Vintage and Country Blend channels much better.

    Now what I will say is that I much prefer the blending of sub-genres, for example, I threw in some Bluegrass in with regular country rather it be Classic or Vintage, but these work together very well.

    I did make a Southern Gospel Station and then threw in a bunch of regular country artist that had put out Gospel Albums, but that didn't work for me as even Southern Gospel has a unique sound all unto itself and when I added the regular country that sort of killed the Southern Gospel appeal.

    All this is very interesting and it goes to show you that everyone has different taste. It is the very reason that sat radio has such a hard time trying to please everyone with the limited amount of channels that they can offer.
  5. snakester

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    I definitely have to agree. This is more of a channel someone made, knowing EXACTLY what they did and didn't want to hear, and more or less for their own consumption. I really can't get into it for the same reasons, it goes way too many different places way too much, BUT I definitely can see the redeeming qualities and where the person was trying to go with it.

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