Slacker now on Android phones


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Dec 16, 2008
It's been about a month since we got a peek at the first generation of the for the Android platform. We liked what we saw. On Thursday, other Android users can also cast their own vote about Slacker Radio 1.0 for Android by downloading it for free from the Market application on their Android smartphone.
Like Slacker Radio on other mobile platforms--and also similar to other streaming radio and music discovery apps like Pandora and app lets you stream music from pre-programmed genres and stations, or from stations you set up yourself online. You'll be able to view album art and bios, block a song or vote it a favorite, and skip ahead--this is limited in the free version and limitless in the premium upgrade. Like a song? You can share it over e-mail, SMS, or MMS via a link to that tune on

Slacker Radio now playing on Android phones | MP3 Insider - CNET Reviews


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Oct 9, 2008
Another smart move by Slacker! :) I am seeing signs that these guys will be doing a lot of promotions during the holiday season. They appear to be booking on gaining some new subs with having software that works on so many various devices. Amazing how quickly they were able to readapt their business plan to go this route rather than trying to do it with only their own hardware.

I think Slacker will continue to do well because of how quickly can adapt to new market trends and provide a quality product.