Slacker iPhone/iPod Touch Application Released Today (Ver. 1.0

Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by lronglien, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. lronglien

    lronglien Member

    Looks like the application was released today. I've downloaded it to my iPhone, very nice. Its just like the web player...interesting it does have the ban and heart buttons.
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Sweet, I have it downloaded and installed.

    Looks like the only thing it doesn't support is caching of the stations to the device.

    When you click on ban it pop up comes up and ask you want to ban the artist or the song. I LOVE THAT! Even the Slacker portable doesn't offer that features.

    It doesn't tell you what artist is coming up next though, which to me isn't that big of a deal. But you can use the touch screen to slide forward to the next song which is cool.

    It will be interesting to see how stable it is over time.
  3. SatRadioRules

    SatRadioRules Member

    Downloading now to my iPHone....between Slacker on the iPhone and I'm beta-testing the Sirus XM iPhone app, I am set!
  4. SatRadioRules

    SatRadioRules Member

    look carefully at the album art...on the right side, you will see a smaller album cover of the next artist!!
  5. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus


    Yeah I noticed that and if you slide it over it goes to that next song, but just from that little piece I can't see what the actual next artist is. Can you?
  6. SatRadioRules

    SatRadioRules Member

    It depends on the signal in the office blows (the building is a cell phone vortex...possibly because I'm 3 blocks from the White House). I have not tried to turn it sideways to see if it turns as well. No worries, it's awesome!

    BTW, love the Slacker dock in your Scion...nice work! No room in my Saab for it, but the G2 rests nicely near my stick shift. I like the dock...the G2 looks very, very cool in it!

    Enjoy the day...gotta finish some work so I can play with my new app!
  7. mrpacs

    mrpacs Well-Known Member

    Awesome news!
  8. Yes it does, in fact it even shows the album cover of whats coming up next. Take a look at the Album cover of whats playing and you will notice another album behing it on the right, slide it and you can see the artist and also the album cover (just dont pull it all the way or it will skip the song your listening to and will start playing the next song.)

    I was with Ryan from Orbitcast at the showstoppers event in Las Vegas last thursday night, when were were shown a demo of the iPhone client, we were both very excited to see it.

    I love slacker. :D
  9. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah, I love it too....

    I guess maybe I worded that wrong in that I should have said that it doesn't show you on the display without actually moving the album art to the side to see it. But YES it does indeed show it. It is a very cool so far and I've been playing with it a great deal and not a single crash yet. I can't say the same for the Pandora Software and they are version 2.0. :)

    The little > at the top and bottom of the screen. One goes to the station info and allows you to change and/or change your fine tuning settings. The one on the bottom actually takes you to song and artist bio info. Very Nice!

    I do find that it buffers for a couple of seconds between songs, but it's pretty seamless in that it is really no different than the portable in terms of time between songs.

    Slackers Dev team did a good job!
  10. SatRadioRules

    SatRadioRules Member

    Sounds great, not as good as G2, but the trade off is convenience.

    No equalizer, but that's OK.

    Very slick, and cool.

    Boy, I love Slacker....
  11. AZDude

    AZDude Member

    I'm going to download it now!
  12. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    I like having full control over fine tuning of stations!

    Wish the screen would stay on. its plugged in and still auto locks, mp3s don't do this normaly.

    Sounds good.

    bummed it cost me 10 bux and wiped my apps and music :(

    (had to upgrade ipod to 2.2)

    like my ipod- hate itunes!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  13. jeddeth

    jeddeth Member

    You can go into your iphone settings and set the screen to stay on.

    Why did it cost you 10 bux? I paid free... I'm pretty certain everyone did.

    I am loving it... actually much better than my G1, except for the necessity of a network connection. (Anyone want to buy my g1?)

    The controls are all much easier to use than on the web or on the G1.

    The sound quality is amazing. It's making the Starplayr look bad.
  14. AZDude

    AZDude Member

    I believe he is talking about the software update on the iPod Touch.
  15. jeddeth

    jeddeth Member

    Apple charges you to update the software $10?!?! Unbelievable!

    On another note: I was just curious if anyone knows what bit rate slacker streams to the iphone, cause it sounds great!

    For comparison, what bit rate is music on the G1 / G2?

    My big complaint about Starplyr is that it only streams at 32kb/s over 3g. Slacker definitely does not suffer from the same limitation.
  16. xan_user

    xan_user Banned

    I know I can make it stay on all the time, I just want it to stay on when powered, then to lock after one minute when unpowered like it does with music. Maybe next version.?

    and this was the second update too, so 20$.

    It costs a lot to be cool!:cool:
  17. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well in reality each time they have ever charged it is because they have added features or even addtional software to the iPod Touch. I personally have no problem paying for it because the improvements over previous versions are usually pretty good. I am not defender of Apple and their protectionist polices, but when the iPod Touch was first released you couldn't even put sofware on it unless it was jail broken. No real enterprise support, which now it is. I could go on, but you get the point. This is what you are actually paying for.

    In regards to the bitrate, I am not sure, but it sure sounds like it is every bit as good as the Web Player, so I am thinking it is 128kb on Wifi. It sounds GREAT!

    Love Slacker on the iPod Touch! ;)
  18. jeddeth

    jeddeth Member

    it sounds great on 3g too!

    DAB, how do you think it sounds compared to the G1/G2?
  19. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    It sounds better, but not significantly, but it does sound much better than Sirius's 128kb Internet Radio streaming.
  20. jeddeth

    jeddeth Member

    The iphone app sounds better than the G1/G2?

    Answer I received on the the slacker forums:

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