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    Although the G2 process has been pretty simple, I have spent a fair amount of time hand picking my artists and tweaking my personal channels.
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    I am glad to finally see some decent reviews, saves me the trouble. I was going to do one, but this should work out just fine. There is another one I found some where earlier today that is actually better than all 4 of these combined. I'll have to see if I can find it.

    Anyway, I am totally enjoying my Slacker experience and really enjoying the customized channels. Right now we got 2 or 3 threads on censored music on Sirius XM and of course you can turn off explicit content or leave it on. You'll be surprised how much music has curse words in it that you never knew.

    I found that review and added it above in the OP.
  4. Thanks for the review links....

    I'm not fond of the large screen, but can live with it. I'm not really interested in album art, etc. I just want to listen to the music.

    Is clear protective shield available from invisible shield ? I think that is the name of the company. Clearly the arm band is not protective of the screen in any way.

    How long does it take the device to boot up after turning it on ?

    How do current owners like the media buttons ? Do they feel solid, cheap, etc ?

    Is the current firmware on the device allowing navigation to be smooth ?

    Anyone own the armband ? Looking at it. I don't vision how the device attaches to the arm band.

    Can I allow the device to be up side down on the arm band ? So I can navigate looking at the screen facing me in the right direction ?
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    I was suprised that every review said that the audio quailty was just ok.
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    I don't think it was so much at least in the Gadgeteer Review that they said it was just okay as much as that they really only compared it to a previous version Slacker G1.

    I also notice that none of them really compare the SQ with anything to give potential buyers a measuring stick.

    I will say one thing and I've said it before, the SQ on the Slacker G2 is much better than XM or Sirius. When I switch between them I am truly amazed at the difference. It is hard for me to believe it is only 40kb ACC Plus on the device and on the web it is 128kb, which really sounds good. Even that sounds better than Sirius's 128kb which I also tested side by side on various songs.
  7. I have heard good things only about SQ. Seems they should highlight that feature a bit more......and straighten out BB employees. So this provider can stick around a while.

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    if anyone locates a g2 review please let me know so i can add it to this post
  9. Bump.....anyone have any answers to any of those questions above ?
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    Well it isn't just for album art, that is only one aspect of it. You can review bio info on the artist, review a list of previous songs played, then you have the Library and can review a list of songs available, along with playlist. There are many reason for having a nice screen. But with all that said, I personally do like Album art and I honestly think that is an attractive aspect of the device.

    Invisible shield would be glad to make one for the device, but some brave soul has to send their device to them so that they can use it to create one. I personally just purchased an invisible shield for another device and used it to protect my G2 display. It took a little effort given that the invisible shield had to be custom cut by me to fit properly.

    In terms of the arm band, I have no interest in one, so I wouldn't know if it protects the device or not.

    If the device is totally off, then it takes about 45 seconds. If the device is just sleep mode then it come on almost immediately. One interesting tid bit the device stays in sleep mode about 2 hours and if left in sleep mode longer than that it will do an auto shut down to conserve battery life. So in those case the restart time of course is much longer. I wish the start up time was a bit shorter, but it's something you get use too.

    Honestly I am not a real big fan of wheels that also act as a selection button. But I found this setup to work okay. I have accidentally scrolled a bit while trying to push the button and therefor went into the wrong menu item, but it is something you just have to pay a bit of attention too.

    In regards to the Favorite and Ban Buttons at the top of the display. I find them much too sensitive and I have often times favored and or banned songs I didn't intend too. But now that I am aware of this, I have started using the lock key on the side. This has helped, but I still feel these buttons are overly sensitive and really should have had better placement if they were going to make them so sensitive.

    Firmware updates are downloaded when available at the end of a refresh and will install when you reboot the device. In regards to the menus and navigation of the device I find it works very smoothly. I have zero complaints on this.

    Skipped the rest of your questions because I am not an armband user and have no idea bout it.

    The one thing that I really think they need to add is sleep mode, so that you can set the device to play for a period of time the user selects and then go into sleep mode. I usually like to listen for 60 to 90 minutes before bed at night.
  11. Great info. Thanks so much.
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    You are welcome! I remember when you posted those questions, I meant to go back and answer it then and just smooth forgot. Glad you posted it again!

    If you need to know anything else just ask away!
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    Does the Slacker portable have a speaker or is it just headphones or out put jack only?
  14. standard jack like most MP3/ipods
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    It is the standard 3.5 headphone/out put jack. I have found the output volume to be very good in terms of connecting it to aux-inputs on home stereos and vehicle head units. It has a much higher output level than most sat radios that I've used.
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    Thanks guys for your replies. Mine is on the way. Like another poster said, this stuff is making be broke.
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    Sweet! Welcome to the Slacker Family! hehehe

    I can't wait to get your thoughts one you get it up and running!
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    I think I'm going to get one after Christmas...I usually have everybody who wants to buy me a gift give me money instead...and I buy my own gift. I'm "hard to shop for" so people actually like it that way. :)
  19. I ordered a G1 Slacker unit from WOOT today.
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    Sweet, I don't know much about that particular unit, but I sure know I enjoy the service. I think you'll like it. I ordered 2 for gifts! :)

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