Slacker advertising stickers?


Dec 16, 2008
I really want Slacker to succeed!
My Slacker sticker slapped over top the Sirus Dog on my truck doesn't really get the message across like I want.

I like the Slacker logo just fine, but people think its a surf/snow company when they see it on my truck.

If you designed a bumper sticker promoting its service, what would you have it say?

"Custom radio for when you finally get off your ass!"

"Musical choice, not musical monotony!"

Any slogan entered in this thread is considered;
1. solely for the use of promoting Slacker.
2. considered "Free to use" by Slacker only.
3. not available to any competitor of Slacker, real or fake. This includes past , present and/or future competitors of Slacker.
4. free from harm, when portraying any of Slacker's competitors in a negative fashion.

Any legal eagles want to PM me sum bedder werding, feel free. (ouch the 'f' word,I know take a few deep breaths. ;) )
I hope this doesn't violate the TOU of this site! If I missed it when i read it 'thoroughly' before signing up, let me know mods.
-I am in no way affiliated with Slacker, other than a plus subscription and a G1 (for now).
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