SL2, Pioneer head and Sirius Connect problem

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by pointpeninsula, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. pointpeninsula

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    Hello gang,

    I hope someone here is familiar with this setup, because I know the stereo shops are not. Here's my setup:
    Stiletto 2, in an SCVDOC1 vehicular adaptor (the Stilletto 2 is removable).
    This is connected to the Pioneer compatible Sirius Connect unit (CD-SB10)
    This is connected to the Pioneer DEH-P600UB control head/ AM-FM tuner with CD.

    Generally, the control head and Stiletto must be powered down when the Stiletto is inserted or removed. In addition, the Stiletto must be fully powered down before it's inserted into the dock, or it will not operate properly. It will remain in local control mode, and the control head will not recognize it.

    This is the normal operating procedure. Today, however, I started my truck before installing the Stiletto, and rather than powering down the stereo before inserting the Stiletto, I just slid the Stiletto into the energized dock. It powered up in remote mode normally, and the control head recognized the channel, song and artist normally, but there's no audio.

    I fully powered down the whole system and brought it back up, and there's no change. I can change channels, see artist and song information, but no audio. I tested the audio output of the Stiletto with the antenna headphones that came with it, and it's fine.

    My guess is that by hot-patching the Stiletto into the dock, I fried the Connect unit, but I doubt my local shop will let me borrow one to test the theory, so I'll need to purchase a new one and tear my dashboard apart just to test the idea.

    If anyone has a similar setup, and has any ideas, I'd really like to hear them. Any dock and interface experts out there?

  2. drdroo

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    Do you have access to a SCC1 module you could borrow for a few minutes? If the SCC1 works on channel 184 (Preview) then that'd rule out the SB10 module being the problem. If the SCC1 fails too, then I'd say the SB10 is the problem.

    I'm not a fan of the SCVDOC1 with the Stiletto models because it kills the features of the Stiletto if properly used. That doesn't mean it shouldn't work though, and obviously your situation did work at one point.
  3. pointpeninsula

    pointpeninsula New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, drdroo.

    I was disappointed in the operation as well - I was hoping that the Stiletto would work normally, but allow the use of my car stereo for playback and live broadcast. I can't play back recorded replays or MP3s in the system as designed, and the user interface on the Pioneer head unit is dreadful.

    I guess my next car satellite radio will be an entire unit. It will cost me another subscription, but at least it will be fully integrated (I hope!) and be guaranteed by the seller, instead of this hodge-podge of equipment that was never really designed to be operated together.

    I installed this system in July, so if this is the end of it, I only got 4 months out of it.

  4. drdroo

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    You could always take the SCVDOC1 out and put in the SCC1, this would give you everything in the dash without the Stiletto, but admittedly that's another 50 bucks (from TSS anyway) and your Stiletto investment and SCVDOC1 investment goes by the wayside as well as, as you said, an additional 6.99 a month.

    Unfortunately the issue about full support of the Stiletto features is twofold. The head unit doesn't know the Stiletto from any other Sirius radio, and the SiriusConnect system doesn't really have codes to allow proper remote control of the device.

    I think the compromise would've been to allow remote control and local control at the same time. If you wanted to nav Sirius, you could use either the head unit or the Stiletto controls. If you wanted to access features that are only on the Stiletto, you could just reach over.

    I believe this would be technically possible, but they probably had reasons why they didn't design that way.

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