SL2 - Internet radio after price increase?


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Dec 13, 2008
I have a question if anybody knows, I have an SL2 that I use to listen to Sirius with the wireless setting from time to time. They just announced that in order to listen to Sirius online you will need to pay an extra 2.99 fee per month starting March 11th. If you extend your subscription, you get free online until your extension runs out.

Here is my question, without paying this fee, can I still listen to Sirius through Wi-Fi using the SL2? If anybody knows please let me know.

Below is my rant, which is not relevant to the question, just my thoughts...

I am getting so fed up with this company. They are making you pay more for the same. For a luxury product? While people are hurting? Yea, I don't see them lasting too much longer. The government should have never allowed the merger.


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Oct 11, 2008
Anytown, WI
I take it you are not paying for it right now. Anyone with a Stiletto will apperently continue to get free wifi on their unit. If you are not paying the premium fee, your stiletto will get the low quality feed for free.

The free online with an extension of your sub right now is for people who use free online via the web player on the computer. after march, that will be gone completely otherwise. But, like I said, with the stiletto, you will still get the free feed.