SL2 doesn't turn on when docked after recording

Recoil Junkie

New Member
Oct 17, 2008
I have an SL2 that is up to date on the various software revisions.

Every weeknight I record a show that I like because I'm too busy getting the kids bathed and into bed to hear it live.

The SL2 is docked into the Boombox (version 2 with the removable metal rails). The radio is off, but the repeater antenna is lit, so something inside is active. The recording occurs automatically and so long as I wasn't dumb and left the SL2 last connected to the internet (which I do if I'm doing work around the house and carry the SL2 as a porable) I've never failed to have it record properly.

However, in the morning when I go into the office and hit the power button on the Boombox, the boombox powers up, but the SL2 does not. Press the power button again and the Boombox shuts down and the SL2 comes out of sleep. Press a third time and the states swap, but given a few moments the SL2 will come alive. Since you have to wait for a full boot, this can take some time.

This ONLY occurs after a power-off recording. If I have not made a recording, it all works as expected.

Another way I've found is to lift the SL2 slightly off the contacts with the Boombox and then set it back and both power up.

I don't like the undock method as it will wear the contacts and I have no reason to remove the SL2 most of the time. I can go a week or more between times I actually pull the SL2 out of the boombox for use as a portable.

I also hate the time it takes to turn on if I do the multiple power cycle method.

Has anyone found a better way to activate the SL2 and boombox after a recording?