SL2 -- Confirmation on a few things needed


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Oct 21, 2008
I'm requesting confirmation on a few things:

39 through Satellite is mapped as Pop2K, right?
81 through Satellite is mapped as Cinemagic, right?

39 through Internet is mapped as the old-school rap channel, right?
BUT...Can anyone listen to channel 81 online through the Stiletto?

I can listen to the Virus and NHL Home Ice through the player, but I can't through my SL2.

If this is the case with your SL2 (or any radio), please call Tammy at (888) 635-5142 extension 552.

Apparently no one knows what a "channel mapping update" is. I'm trying to find the emails that Sirius would send out about "turning on your radio and waiting 3-5 minutes for things to update", but i'm having trouble finding it.

Hopefully if a lot of people call, we can get this issue fixed...complaining on a message board really doesn't do anything.

Tammy at (888) 635-5142 extension 552.


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Oct 21, 2008
I sent them this:
When I go to the player at, I see 20 on 20, Pop2K, The Groove, The Village, and Cinemagic listed as SIR channels.

I do not see these channels in my Stiletto. Please send out an update.

Also, on the satellite radio listening, the channels say Pop2K and Cinemagic, but are not playing that music. Please send out an update so the appropriate channel names are listed.

And they replied:

We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us regarding SIR channels on SIRIUS. We're here to assist you!

Kryptonite, the following channels are only available on SIRIUS Internet Radio.

20 on 20 Ch. SIR-5

Pop2K Ch. SIR- 6

The Groove Ch. SIR-7

The Village Ch. SIR-8

Cinemagic Ch. SIR-9

If you are unable to listen to these channels via WiFi with your Stiletto, we suggest performing the most recent update.

Although, on your satellite receiver, the channel names are listed for Pop2K and Cinemagic these channels are not available via satellite. The channel names will remain like this until SIRIUS performs the next channel update. We can certainly understand your concern and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

And my reply:

I believe that every Stiletto owner would like thse updates to come as soon as possible. It is very unprofessional for a service to say one thing (Cinemagic, Pop2K), but play other music.

My information is as follows:
Baseband: 00.20.62

As you can see, I have the most current software on my Stiletto. Yet, I do not have the most current channels.

These updates should have been sent out when the channels changed music, but they weren't. Yet the XM radios have 100% correct logos and channel names.

Please send out the appropriate updates as soon as possible.

There's a call center here in central Ohio which provides customer service for a number of different companies. One of them is Verizon's FiOS TV, which, AFAIK, you CANNOT get in Central Ohio.

I'm starting to think that Sirius operates the same way. Do these people have Sirius? Does it even matter, as long as their representatives can read off a computer screen.

Wouldn't these issues bother some of the Sirius VIP's? Mel? Howard? Scott G.? Tim Sabien?
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