SL 2 - Sirius Connect


Oct 29, 2008
I feel this must have been reported once before on this forum but I can't find it. I've had a new problem lately where my SL2 just shuts off at random times while on the dock. And now when I put it in, it shows the dog and then goes to a screen that has a graphic that says "Sirius Connect" and gets stuck on that screen. Sometimes it just stays on that screen until I take it out of the dock, and some times it says "Shutting Down" after a few seconds and shuts down. I can't go from sleep mode straight into the dock without this happening. Any help would be great.


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
I have never heard about a "Sirius Connect" issue.

I do have a couple of suggestions to simular issues. First, there is a setting in the Dock section about auto-shutdown after 4 hours. This should be turned off.

I have also had an issue where when restarting it sticks at the dog for a long period of time instead of going to the dots. This was due to memory corruption and a device recovery fixed it.

However, it sounds like your issue is something completely new. I would suggest a device recovery. I have had a whole bunch of stange issues disappear with a device recovery. The SL2 memory corruption can happen anywhere not just recordings.


Oct 13, 2008
West Virginia
I do know people have strange issues using Stilettos with the scvdoc. I believe you have to shut the radio off before you dock, so the stiletto and the translator sync up. When docked in the scvdoc your radio should always say "Sirius Connect". That means the translator is controlling the radio. Can't help you with the random shutdowns. I use a pnp in mine, and it works well. Matt from TSS asked me when I ordered the scvdoc if I was gonna use it with a Stiletto cause there are some issues with that setup. Good luck.