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    from Inside Radio:

    Loss of SiriusXM Traffic Channels Seems to Be No Accident.

    While SiriusXM Radio’s Traffic and Weather channels were curiously silenced more than two weeks ago, the satcaster remains mum on where they went and whether they will return. On-air, the message continues to repeat in a simple loop: “This content is currently unavailable.”

    And across SiriusXM’s social media platforms, its “SiriusXM Help” desk responds to inquiries along the lines of “Unfortunately they are no long available at the moment. We will update you with any changes from programming” or “We don’t have an expected return date at this time. Apologies,” or “We will update you whether it is a confirmed decision or not within the next few weeks.”

    SiriusXM has not replied to multiple inquiries from Inside Radio about the status of the channels—although a reader informed us that after requesting a refund for the missing channels, he received a credit of $5.97: “I just asked for a credit to my account and got $5.97 applied. If everyone did this, we might see some more attention to the problem,” the subscriber wrote to Inside Radio. He approached SiriusXM via its Chat Live platform.

    Subscribers have complained on Twitter and Facebook. “Are the traffic reporters holding out for more money or do we need to keep wondering about the traffic and weather stations,” wrote one listener, as Inside Radio previously reported. Said another, “Thanks for cancelling the traffic channels! NOT! Will our rates be less now? 2 accidents on my route & no traffic report!”

    The eight SiriusXM First Traffic and Weather channels offer coverage of 17 major markets, with only New York having a its own dedicated channel. The others contained rotating reports for two or four cities: Boston/Philadelphia/Atlanta/Pittsburgh, Washington/Baltimore/Miami/Orlando, Chicago/Detroit, Dallas/Houston/St. Louis/Minneapolis, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Los Angeles/San Diego, and San Francisco/Seattle/Phoenix.

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    I've never been able to use them.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind them being replaced with more music, but I know that won't happen.

    I wonder if this has to do with the upgrades to their in-vehicle services that they have been chasing after.
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    IndustrialH "So much music .... so little time..."

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    Apparently there's a lot of things people listen to on SiriusXM that may not appear to be listened to until they disappear
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    IndustrialH "So much music .... so little time..."

    From Inside Radio


    Freeing up precious bandwidth for new channels, SiriusXM Radio has cut the number of its traffic and weather channels in half. The move from eight channels to just four comes after the satellite broadcaster abruptly pulled the plug on all eight in October, prompting a subscriber uproar, followed by a reinstatement of the channels in November.

    Now only four traffic and weather channels remain: Boston/Philadelphia/DC (channel 132), New York City (133), Chicago/Detroit/Dallas-Ft. Worth (135) and Los Angeles (138). That leaves subscribers in 14 markets looking elsewhere for info on traffic tie-ups and the latest forecast: Atlanta, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis, Miami, Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

    “Changes have been made to our traffic and weather channels,” a looped message explained on the missing channels, adding that the service has been “permanently removed” from the 14 markets. “We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

    After the October switch-off, subscribers took to Twitter and Facebook to complain. “Are the traffic reporters holding out for more money or do we need to keep wondering about the traffic and weather stations,” wrote one listener.

    Before the channel pruning, the service aired eight channels carrying coverage of 17 major markets. New York had its own dedicated channel while the seven others contained rotating reports for two or four cities: Boston/Philadelphia/Atlanta/Pittsburgh; Washington/Baltimore/Miami/Orlando; Chicago/Detroit; Dallas/Houston/St. Louis/Minneapolis; Tampa/St. Petersburg; Los Angeles/San Diego; and San Francisco/Seattle/Phoenix.

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  7. HecticArt

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    I'm surprised they get that many listeners, even in the big cities.
    When Sirius started it made sense since the internet wasn't as easy to access as it is now.
    Personally, I'd rather have the extra music channels.
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  8. IndustrialH

    IndustrialH "So much music .... so little time..."

    Totally agree - as long as they can up the variety - my preference is not to have an more single artist or band channels - not that anyone is listening. :band:
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  9. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    One channel is enough and all they need to say is "Traffic sucks". Actually, I wonder why they don't just have one channel and not broadcast it via satellite but via local repeaters. Local repeaters cover the local traffic. Why do I need to know traffic in Boston when I am in Detroit?
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    I agree. One channel of national traffic reports would be enough. The traffic channels have outlived their purpose in the age of GPS and smart phones. New cars have real time traffic on the dash now.
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    This, plus the few people who don't have those technologies can just tune into local AM for traffic.
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