SiriusXm committed to launching an app for BlackBerry 10:

Discussion in 'BlackBerry' started by Inspector6, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Inspector6

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    I know everyone is thinking of the BlackBerry of the past but BlackBerry 10 devices have greater specs ( and not one line of original code in the new OS ) then their old devices. SiriusXM, and 1000 other "Name Brand" apps, have committed to launching apps for BlackBerry 10 device. The devices can already utilize the SiriusXM on-line player but it is nice to see the forward thinking of companies like SiriusXM when it comes to delivering its content to the masses.

    BlackBerry hails 1000 high-profile partners committed to launching apps for BlackBerry 10 | TheCellularGuru
  2. HecticArt

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    It looks like a good phone.
    [ame=]BlackBerry 10 Live Demo at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 - YouTube[/ame]
    I hope they can get their app market built up fast enough.
  3. Inspector6

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    I'm upgrading 3 of the current BlackBerry's to the new BB10 models. The daughter wants the full touch screen Z10 and I'm buying the qwerty keyboard model for my GF and myself. We all have the BB PlayBook ( tablet ) and love the new OS.
  4. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    If the BB10 delivers enough subscribers, companies will put the effort forward to develop an app for it. But since it uses an Android loader, they may take the shortcut and just do iOS and Android since they don't really need to develop an BB version to hit that marketplace.
  5. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    I agree with you IRBS about the developers getting on board with a hot new product and they have and I think more will. As far as the Android run time player the android apps need to be converted and signed and need to be a .bar file to run on the BB. Not all android apps covert and function easily thus the hope for more specific development on the app end for the BB10 platform. With a superior HTML5 browser, there is lots of room for future development for sure.
  6. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    I've had this device for about a week now and I love it. It runs fluidly, the hub is a whole new way of thinking when navigating through and OS same goes for the tiles. Its a little light on the apps right now but more big name apps have been added almost daily and the rumor is they're saving some of the apps to be released for the march / april release in the US.

    Happy to hear SiriusXM is developing an app for BB10. I've run the android Siriusxm app sideloaded but the only one I could get to work was a free version that was before on demand because available so its useless to me.
  7. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    Snoozer: I'm so jealous. If you know how many times I have thought about getting a Z10 instead of the Q10 just because of the wait. But I'll continue to battle with the waiting. The apps were about 70,000 on release but expected to be up to 100,000 by the US launch date. I have about 50 Android apps ready to side load to work around the lack of some apps.

    I own a 32 GB PlayBook and I too have the old Sirius app on it but I find the HTML5 browser handles both SiriusXm and Sirius Canada fine with the on demand service. But that having been said I'm happy Sirius will develop an app for BB10.
  8. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    You guys are assuming that these apps will eventually come. My guess is lots of companies are waiting to see how many people actually buy Z10s or Q10s before deciding whether to invest the time in developing the apps for them. How do you think BB users will react if those apps don't come? It's the chicken and egg.
  9. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    IRBS: I'm assuming that companies who "committed" will follow through, sure. There was the possibility, and I've read incorrect statements say all the negative "Even Canadians don't want the new BB" was one. But yet since RIM was making and selling BB's, since 1999, this was BB's most sales in there history. You wouldn't / may believe how many incorrect opinions that are made to manipulate stock prices. BlackBerry will have the numbers needed to get the new devices in enough hands that a lot of previous BB owners will want to come back. The developers are supporting this standardize OS which has one of the best HTML5 browsers on the market. And that is where things are heading. See Mobile, BlackBerry 10 is #1, by far!
    Out of a possible 500:
    BlackBerry 10 » BlackBerry Z10 485 11
    Opera Mobile 12.10 » Multiple platforms 406 12
    Firefox Mobile 18 » Multiple platforms 399 14
    Chrome » All Android 4 devices 390 11
    iOS 6.0 » Apple iPhone 386 9
    Windows Phone 8 » Nokia Lumia 822, HTC 320 6
    Android 4.0 » Samsung Galaxy Nexus 297 3
    Bada 2.0 » Samsung Wave 283 9
    Nokia Belle FP 2 » S60 5.5 Nokia 808 272 9
    Android 2.3 » Google Nexus S 200 1
  10. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    I have had my hands on my daughters Z10 twice now in about 5 weeks. I'm very impressed. This BB is super fast and the operating system is very impressive. One thing I noticed was when I first tried to stream Sirius from the web browser it didn't play stating it needed Adobe Flash. When I selected to download the Adobe Flash it stated that there wasn't a version available for this operating system. But I knew that wasn't true. As it turned out when the device is shipped the Flash is in the off mode. Turning the Flash on creates a better user experience.
    I have online accounts for both SiriusXM and Sirius Canada and I can confirm streaming both from the online player via the mobile browser is awesome. I really like the ability to stream Sirius in the house over wifi and jump in the Jeep and drive away with out missing any of the feed. I still hope the app comes to the BB10 devices sooner rather than later to be able to down load "Podcast Jones style".
  11. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    For those technical newbies, to turn on the Flash follow this path:
    - Open the web browser,
    - scroll down from the top to show available options,
    - choose Settings,
    - choose Display & Actions,
    - choose Adobe Flash On.

    Bob's you Uncle.
  12. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I can't help but think that Apple could have done this.
  13. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    IRBS: I agree. But in all of Steve's Jobs genus he burned bridges and before he hated Google more than everything, he had his sites on Adobe. He hated them with a passion. Jobs was a visionary in seeing the future is with HTM5 but Apple has fallen short on building a high rendering HTML5 compatible web browser, and that's where the new BB10 rules. Go to and check the mobile tab. Apple should do much better ( considering there bank account ).
  14. FlyersFan76

    FlyersFan76 Member

    So is the App available yet?

    I was at the AT&T store briefly this morning to hold the phone but didn't go into the App store.

    Still holding out for the "Q"
  15. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

  16. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Until they actually release the app, it remains vapourware.
  17. memebag

    memebag Top Brass, ADVP

    No doubt, but they didn't want to. Apple sets very strict limits on where CPU cycles can be spent, and that rules out Flash. That turned out to be a pretty reasonable decision.
  18. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    I have had my BlackBerry Q10 for about a week now and although there still isn't a SiriusXM U.S. or Sirius Canada app available yet and even with the current Adobe Flash issues with the web player I can still stream both U.S. and Canada on both my Q10 and my PlayBook ( table ). The speaker is great and the Q10 ships with newer style ear buds that actually stay in your ears. With 2 GB of RAM and a great mobile web browser I don't feel like I'm missing anything without the app ( although downloading podcast style would be nice when traveling ).
  19. SIRIUSaboutXM

    SIRIUSaboutXM DRC Special Contributor

    I was just visiting the MySXM page to see if they had added it to the Lynx and noticed a new logo above Blackberry devices

  20. Inspector6

    Inspector6 Member

    From what I've read as of late, There might just not be a SiriusXM app for the new line of BlackBerry's running BB10. Here are a couple of quotes and a link to the full story.

    Regarding the launch day statement from BlackBerry:
    "The article, under multimedia, states that SiriusXM is committed to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Once this was released I was rather vocal with BlackBerry, Alec and others behind the scenes because although an email was received from BlackBerry asking if SiriusXM was on board, SiriusXM PR never responded with an answer. The short: SiriusXM was never committed to the BlackBerry 10 platform."

    "The last update I got (which was on June 7th) was basically a "we've given up" message. It was taking far too much time and effort for a project that was never committed to. I'm hoping that with the latest OS bump and new SDKs on the way, we'll be able to access some native APIs sooner than later. For the time being though, the app development process has been halted."

    And with the latest BlackBerry sales numbers we may never see the SiriusXM app. Unless the future sales grow more than expected. Crackle has just released a native app for the BB10 devices so there are some major companies that see things different.

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