Sirius XM?s Top 20 Moments of 2009


Staff member
Oct 7, 2008

With the new year quickly approaching Sirius XM Radio created a Top 20 list for the best moments from 2009. Everything on this years list is associated with Sirius XM Radio, from a live call in with Jay-Z on Oprah’s channel to Jason Ellis showing off all of his Tattoos. It’s been a crazy year for Satellite Radio and I’m sure 2010 will be another interesting year.

The Top 20 List can be seen at where you can easily click through each video or you can also visit the Sirius XM YouTube channel at

After viewing the Top 20 List take a second to post what you think is your Top “Sirius XM” moment from 2009.

I hope everyone reading this has a great Holiday and a great New Year.

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