SIRIUS XM Listeners outside US and Canada


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Oct 17, 2008
I've been a Sirius (Sirius XM now) subscriber here in Jamaica since October 2006. I originally signed up for the wide choice of music offerings as, like many persons here, I'd grown tired of the crappy programming available on FM radio).

Eventually found myself listening to diverse views and opinions on the news & talk channels, and occasionally Howard Stern. :D

I've seen quite a few dot ultra low-profile and square-shaped antennas on several vehicles here while I'm in traffic, and there's a supermarket I shop at regularly which pipes Sirius XM Love through its intercom system.

Started out with the infamous S50 purchased new on ebay which was also used at home before it crapped out last year. Replaced it with a reconditioned Sportster 3 (also purchased on ebay) and recently swapped it for a new Sportster 5 as a connector pin broke months ago and I was always 'jiggling' it with bits of paper in both docks to get it to work.

I have four active radios total on my account shared with family members who love the service for the variety it offers. But with Sirius XM's new charges for internet streaming, increased rates for additional radios and now hitting customers with monthly music royalty fees in these tough recession times, it may mean cutting back on the service. :(