Sirius/XM conversion kits for GM Vehicles

Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by zog43, Dec 29, 2008.

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    I will start this thread here as my first post on this site and this was my first encounter with Taylor from TSS back in 2006 circa March.. I bought my 2006 Chevy Trailblazer back in march of 2008 and they gave me xm free for 3 months... (obviously i wanted Sirius for stern and Bubba) but it wasn't available yet.. I had inquired with TSS previously about the conversion kits and they said it was coming... Taylor personally e-mailed me the day it became available to them to sell to their clients (June/July 2006) to let me know it was there... I ordered 2 the day I received his e-mail.. and got them in the mail 2 days later... these guys at TSS are for real and know their stuff... I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor at the Atlantic City Bubbapalloza in July of 2008 and I can't say anything better about the man... He is truly a great dude and believes in his company and always wants to do the best to make sure his customers are happy... I will admit i was marking out to him a bit the first night i met him because he was so helpful with getting me the gm xm/sirius kit, and i was thankful for that .. the next night we hung out as friends and I can't say anything more then he's a stand up guy and very cool... and he believes in his product... and his product is excellent!!! he's built a great team and they're nothing but helpful whenever you have a problem or question... I wasn't sure what i was going to do with my Sirius subscriptions this year after the drama with Bubba but now that he's back for 2 years i will be calling Taylor soon to get his advice on my next radio pick... and I think you guys should all call and do the same... they will advise you for the best product for you for your needs...

    Big ups to TSS radio love those guys... :hw:
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    Got a link to this kit?
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    There isn't going to be an option for those :(
    But there are plenty of ways to install a Dock and Play Radio in a good way to make for a clean look and great sound quality.

    First thing you need is a radio. Let's say a Starmate 5

    Then get it with a Power Hardwire Kit

    And a Vehicle Specific Mount or this one.

    Then if you have the Aux in on the front of your radio and you probably do just use this cable for great sound quality.
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    He'll likely need one of those in-line audio filters too. At least I did in my '08 Silverado NBS. Without one of those filters, the alternator whine is awful.
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    I assume it is this way with the 2007 Monte Carlos too. I never see them in the compatibility lists - and they do have that newer LANBUS radio from GM. This is why I ate the money and just reactivated her XM a while back. And even that stings, since I am already a Sirius subscriber and since SiriusXM is "one" entity now, one of those 2 subs should be viewed as a 2nd sub and be billed cheaper - but NO!!! lol
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    This is really great! Now I can switch out my lone XM radio in the 04 Yukon Denali. Maybe I breezed through the instructions too quickly, but since I have factory XM on the truck, will I be using the existing antenna or have to install another?
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