Sirius' sudden love for Sporting News Radio

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Sports' started by livingfruitvirus, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. It's a bit strange how Sirius took a liking to the distant third sports network so quickly. Not long ago they added the content to Sports Central around their original shows. Then with the channel merging, they gave SNR its own 24/7 channel. Now you can hear Todd Wright and David Stein and Arnie Spanier on TWO channels! Is there any explanation? I could understand if they did so years back when it was a lot better, but now it seems SNR is struggling to get by while being left in the dust of ESPN and FSR to a lesser extent.
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    The additional programming on Mad Dog Sports is finally coming around on Jan12th so they won't need as much filler from Sporting News. I still think Sirius needs another national syndicated network and other than ESPN and Fox, they're just aren't any choices in the US. Sirius used to have Sports Byline with Sports Overnight America which I thought was pretty decent but they dropped it several years ago. I hope they continue to keep Sporting News. I've been a follower since it was One on One Sports and based in the Midwest. Sporting News has been dropped on AM/FM in this area and probably in a lot of areas in the US so it's nice to have it availabe 24/7 on Sirius.
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    I am not sure if they are any other syndicated national sports networks left besides ESPN FOX and Sporting News that would deliver good content. I wonder with the merger of news talk and sports on Thursday if we are going to get any of XM's ESPN xtra's content like Kellerman and Kenny.

    My solution would to start a American version of Hardcore Sports Radio that delivers uncensored sports talk radio with personalities like Farell and others that would deliver to that platform.
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    I wish they didn't have sports play by play and Sirius Fight Club on there otherwise it would be 24/7. Its no big deal since I get it from other sources (Internet, my ipod touch, which I got for Christmas)
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    FSR kicks SNR's butt in quality and talent... not to mention listenability. ;)
  6. Sirius XM should concentrate more on developing their in-house talent. Truth is, they dedicate a lot of time to exclusive sports hosts. It almost seems like too much at times.

    Also, Fox Sports Radio is carried on XM, but not on Sirius.
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    I agree fsr is great god have you heard that over night guy on SNR? He is horible its like a cult.
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    That's David Stein. He's okay, but I agree that it's a little weird. He wasn't on last night, a replay of Mad Dog was on instead. I didn't check to see if he was on Sports Nation though.
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    I'm glad to hear SNR on 127 almost full time. Now, if it would come back to XM as well, that would be great. I agree about getting rid of Fight Club.

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