Sirius Streamer GTR radio question


New Member
Feb 23, 2009
Brunswick, GA
Hello all

I haven't been on the satellite radio bandwagon for about a year due to other pressing issues in my life, but I have an unactivated Sirius Streamer GTR radio that I bought brand new back in 2006. Im ready to get back on the satellite radio bandwagon again

I realize that I probably won't be able to receive the XM channels that are included in the "Sirius Everything plus the best of XM" package that is shown on and that would suit me fine...

But, I have a question to ask. I noticed that some XM channels are listed under the "Sirius Everything" package, does this mean I would be able to receive those XM channels listed in that package with my streamer GTR? or am I SOL with that too? :)

Any advice is appreciated
Thank you