Sirius Stratus 6 - For Sale


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Dec 31, 2012
I didn't see a separate group list here, so I"m taking a shot. Basically, I bought a new car last year that had Sirius already in it. So the Stratus 6 I bought recently at the time was useless.

I have all the parts to it and the original box with the entire kit and suction cup holder so you can mount it to the windshield. It's doing me no good sitting in the garage. Thought I'd ask here if anyone would want to buy it. I will ship it (you'll cover that) but if anyone is interested, PM me and give me a number.

thanks - happy new year!


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Oct 18, 2008
Welcome to the site. Nice that the accessories will move with the receiver. Don't be shy on the other forums there is plenty of 4-1-1 to share at this friendly website.