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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by Allanon, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Allanon

    Allanon Member

    Just now...
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    You mean the channel mapping update?
  3. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Woah. I stop out to teh bathroom for one minute, and it happens while I'm not looking!

  4. Allanon

    Allanon Member

    It only took a few seconds. I then tried to listen to some stations, but it seems that the content is the same; only the channel names have changed for some channels.

    I also connected my SL2 to wifi. Nothing changed there.

    But, hey, we can see the upcoming changes to Sirius now. :)
  5. Jaspear

    Jaspear New Member

    I lost Disorder at 11:17 PM Pacific. The rock section now shows 29 The Loft and 16 Deep Tracks, but the actual audio doesn't match with the XM counterparts.
  6. jeff94

    jeff94 New Member

    Disorder just switched-over. Damn it. That channel was my favorite.
    I recorded the last hour or so, including the switch. I'll try to cut it down and post it.
  7. TAZLV

    TAZLV Member

    As of 11:30pm PT the official switchover as Thelma Houston was the last artist on Movin Easy channel 4, then switched to 40s music
  8. xpenguin9

    xpenguin9 New Member

    yep... the Beat just changed over to BPM ... and the old strobe is playing some polka. I for one am happy about BPM replacing the beat. My favorite channel is Area 33, and the beat is my 2nd, but they constantly repeat the same stuff over and over. BPM was much better
  9. JDawg3DX

    JDawg3DX New Member

    60s on 6 is playing Wolfman jack...
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    It will take several days for the Wifi version to catch up, because Zing will have to get those feeds to their servers and then do a wifi channel update to the SL2.
  11. BigLace

    BigLace New Member

    No more Backspin. :(
  12. wafflejuice

    wafflejuice New Member

    Well, my Sirius radio just updated. Seems Indie Talk has been replaced by POTUS. Looking at the program lineup on the XM site Pete Dominick and Ron Silver made it over but Vinnie Politan didn't :( Disappointed also that The Groove didn't make it over to Sirius as that would've enhanced their R&B offerings. I noticed from the Sirius XM Stars page on the XM site that the "Broadminded" girls from Take 5 made it over...flipping through more channels and looking up program listings as I type. BTW, anyone knows what's going to happen to Dave Marsh now that Disorder is gone?:confused: Also Maxim content is playing on 108 but the channel ID is now a generic "Sirius 108".
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  13. xpenguin9

    xpenguin9 New Member

    FYI POP2K is on the old BOOMBOX channel on Sirius... channel 39
  14. jeff94

    jeff94 New Member

    Hmm, we'll see. I'd bet the WiFi streams will reflect exactly what's on the Satellite when it switches.
  15. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

  16. joe2k4

    joe2k4 Member

    This is kind of off now, but I would still like explinations. I am a little confused, and am new to these forums so sorry if this has been covered. I was under the assumption that channels like pop2k and 20 on 20 would be appearing on Sirius is this not true? Is only XM getting mainly Sirius channels? I’ve also noticed on XM HHN is edited now, and the Sirius channel isn’t matching what the XM one is playing. Are they going to make every channel the same on Sirius and XM? When I listen to shade66 on XM it still calls Shade45 on Sirius, so I am just unsure what is going on. I also can't read there dumb channel guide, because my screen reader can't read there pdf. Thanks!
  17. TAZLV

    TAZLV Member

    Looks like there may not be major channel movement (such as Country stations moving to channels 10 and up as it is on XM)
  18. BigLace

    BigLace New Member

    Pop 2k is channel 39.
  19. xpenguin9

    xpenguin9 New Member

    what's channel 37 on sirius supposed to be now? it's still got some like really old old old music on... sounds like a record player playing. the song title has been stuck on the same thing forever, it's not the right song... i don't see anything in the channel likeup that was just posted that even shows a channel 37
  20. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Here is the Sirius Music Line-up. They have still not updated the web site as of 2 AM CST

    Channel numbers are mess, they will surely do a realignment at some point down the road!


    1- Sirius Hits 1
    2- The Blend
    3- Sirius XM Love
    4- 40s on 4
    5- 50s on 5
    6- 60s on 6
    7- 70s on 7
    8- 80s on 8
    9- 90s on 9
    11- BBCRadio 1
    12- The Pulse
    13- Elvis Radio
    33- The Bridge (Currently Led Zeppelie Radio)
    39- Pop2K
    76- Escape


    10- E Street Radio
    14- Classic Vinyl
    15- Classic Rewind
    16- Deep Tracks
    17- Jam_On
    18- The Spectrum
    19- Boneyard (currently AC/DC Radio)
    20- Octane
    21- Alt Nation
    22- First Wave
    23- Hair Nation
    24- Lithium
    25- Underground Garage
    26- Sirius XMU
    27- Liquid Metal
    28- Faction
    29- The Loft
    30- The Cofeee House
    31- Margaritaville
    32- The Grateful Dead


    35- Sirius XM Chill
    36- BMP
    38- Area


    40- Hip-Hop Nation
    45- Shade 45
    50- The Heat
    51- Heart & Soul
    53- Soul Town


    60- The Highway
    61- Prime Country
    62- The Roadhouse
    63- Outlaw Country
    64- Willi's Place
    65- Blue Grass Junction


    66- The Message
    67- enLighten
    68- Praise


    71- Watercolors
    72- Real Jazz
    73- Spa
    74- BB Kings Blues
    75- Siriusly Sinatra
    77- On Broadway
    81- Cinemagic (Current Sirius XM Holly through Christmas)


    78- Met Opera Radio
    79- Sirius XM Pops
    80- Synphony Hall


    83- Caliente
    84- The Joint
    85- Iceberg
    86- CBC Radio 3
    87- Bandeapart
    88- Rock Velours
    89- energie2

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