Sirius Install with JVC Headunit


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Nov 28, 2009
I am going to be installing a Sirius tuner along with my new JVC KW-XG500 headunit. I am a bit confused as to the best way to install Sirius. From what I have found I have 2 options, but am not sure which is the best route.

1.) Install SIRIUSConnect SIR-JVC1 SIRIUSConnect SIR-JVC1 Tuner System JVC This option seems like I could save anywhere from $30-$50.

2.) Install Sirius Connect Vehicle Tuner SC-C1 & JVC Sirius Connect Interface KS-SRA100. JVC Sirius Connect Package

Does anyone have any opinion on either one? I just want to get something that will be good quality and last a long time. Thanks.


Oct 13, 2008
West Virginia
You can use the jvc sirius connect interface with an SVDDOC1 instead of the SC-C1 if you have a plug and play tuner with the universal dock. It would work the same way, except you could take the pnp radio with you and use it in other places. It won't save money on the install, but it would save you an additional sub. I use a similar setup with my pioneer, and it works great. Here's a link to my install.


Dec 5, 2008
Both options you list are pretty much the same. Option #2 is just the newer one. I have a JVC head unit installed in my vehicle that has a SIR-JVC1 tuner you mention in option #1. I have had pretty good luck with it and no problems for the last 3yrs. This is the old style tuner that is now discontinued. Its listed as 'out of stock' at TSS so I have a feeling you are most likely gonna have a tough time finding one. You may be able to get a hold of one on ebay & probably your best bet for the SIR-JVC1. Its an all-in-one piece unit so easy to install. Just plug it into the JVC head unit and then connect your SIRIUS antenna for reception and you are good to go.

I have thought about maybe switching to something similar to your option #2. This is the newer option that is currently being sold. It gives a little more flexibility cause like no1hedberg states, you can use the SCVDOC1 instead of the SC-C1 tuner. Then use a plug-n-play radio as the actual tuner, but control it from the JVC head unit. Also then be able to take the radio to other places easier and avoid additional costs. This would be what I would do since I currently have a compatible plug-n-play radio (Starmate 5) that I could use with it. Therefore avoiding an additional subscription cost that I currently have with the SIR-JVC1. However, the downside I see with this option is that you would always have to transport the plug-n-play radio back & forth in order to hear it in the car and/or home or another car. This could get kind of tiring after a while, but it will save you money on an additional subscription cost I guess.

no1hedberg posted some pics of his SCVDOC1 setup that gives a good idea of what is involved. I personally have liked having the one-piece tuner just installed permanently in my car so probably why I haven't really pursued or messed with the other options. Easier and cleaner. No fuss, no mess.

If you decide you want to just have it installed all the time too, I think you are gonna have better luck finding your option #2 since that hardware is currently in production and being made. Option #1 hardware is basically no longer available so gonna be tougher to get a hold of so I would pursue it that way.
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