Sirius in a New Ford (Small Complaint)

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by Sirius Rich, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich Well-Known Member

    I just purchased a new Ford truck with factory Sirius Saturday. The dealership had Sirius marketing material everywhere and was playing Sirius in the showroom floor and just outside. The dealership was in Texas A&M land and a very nice dealership with very helpful people. EXCEPT, when it came to Sirius.

    There is a new vehicle customer delivery check list. On this check list is a box where the salesman instructs me how to set a Sirius preset channel. The box was checked, but the instruction did not take place. Don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful dealership that went above and beyond making me comfortable, explaining the services available to me and introduced me to the service manager.

    The Sirius factory radio was not activated and the dealership told me that they had to call Sirius to activate the radio. I tried to call Sirius, but did not have a SID number. I read the owner's manual and there were no instructions to activate Sirius other than call the 888 number. There is detailed information on how to operate Sirius (if it was activated). The dealership said they would call Sirius on Monday. I told them that Sirius was open 24/7, but they just kept telling me they had to call Sirius and would do it Monday and when they did, the SID would be displayed on the radio. I find this hard to believe and ask if anyone here has gone through this process.

    My main concern is that if I did not really, really want Sirius, the radio would not be activated and I would have not received any free trial to tease me into subscribing.
  2. Casual Fan

    Casual Fan Surprisingly nice

    There's no way to display the SID on the screen without the dealer calling Sirius? There has to be a way. Sounds like a dim-witted salesman.
  3. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    channel 0 maybe?
  4. MM

    MM Administrator

    That's what I was thinking to try. ;)
  5. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich Well-Known Member

    I called Sirius and made my way through the maze of automated options and discovered (with the help of a Sirius CSR) there is a way. Depress Sat 1 and AUX buttons at the same time for 5 to 10 seconds. The SID appeared and we got the radio activated. Hell, I was so happy, I got the Best of XM option.

    I will call my dealer back and tell them how to activate a new radio when they sell a car. I might even tell them how to set a preset channel too.
  6. Casual Fan

    Casual Fan Surprisingly nice

    Man, that's complicated. I love Ford trucks (I drive a Ranger which is almost a truck :p) but who's thinking these things through?
  7. TX WJ

    TX WJ Intelligent Donkey

    Mine was not on channel 0 but channel 285 (I think) on my Camry.

    I called Sirius CS and they walked me through it, took a few minutes but they helped me out.

    Should of bought a Dodge:p

    Enjoy your Truck.:wave:
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    On my Scion xB OEM you just go to the menu and the Sat Radio ID is located there, but you can also like on most XM tuners just go to channel 0 and it comes up.

    It doesn't suprise me how little the dealer knew about the Sirius setup, most of them don't even try to sell it and never have. Ford has not been and never will be a good Sirius partner.

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